What's happening with you now

The second trimester is the most enjoyable of all the 3 trimesters. The most exciting part during week 14 of pregnancy is your growing belly, which is now showing. Your uterus is rising out of the pelvic region into your lower abdomen. You may feel some pain in the abdomen, on one or both sides, as your body is working hard to accommodate your belly, growing at a fast pace. The weight pulls on the ligaments resulting in pain in your lower abdomen.

Another comforting thing happening during this time of pregnancy is that your breasts stop hurting. They are continuing to grow and you will feel them fuller and heavier compared to early pregnancy time. Changes in hormonal levels stimulate milk production. There are more milk ducts being filled with milk, getting ready for breastfeeding.

The other changes happening with you during this time is decreased fatigue, an end to nausea and vomiting symptoms, increasing appetite, stuffy nose, varicose veins (large swollen blood vessels mostly on the legs), weight gain, and growth of thick and shiny hair.

Each week of pregnancy comes with changes, some welcoming while others are annoying. This trimester also has its ups and downs. By accepting the changes as part of your pregnancy, support from spouse, family members, and friends, keeping yourself active, eating a balanced diet, and following your doctor’s recommendations, you can ease the symptoms to a great extent and enjoy the start of the new trimester.



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