Why is not knowing if you're having a boy or a girl amazing in its own ways

Once you are pregnant, you and your spouse will be wondering in the coming months will your bundle of joy be a baby boy or girl? As the pregnancy advances, you may also want to plan the baby’s nursery, invest in baby clothes, decide on the theme of the baby shower based on the gender of your little one.

But keeping your baby’s gender a surprise has immense benefits. What’s life without surprises and excitement? Ask yourself, is having a healthy baby more important than knowing will the baby be a boy or a girl?

Re-examine what’s a priority and why it is so important to know the gender. This realization will want you to keep the news a surprise and you will skip one less anxiety in the months to follow.

This surprise has lots of positives. As pregnancy advances, there is a lot of excitement in looking forward to during delivery time. Next, not knowing your baby’s gender will get both of you to work on name options and decide on one for each gender together. At 14 weeks, all organs of your baby are in place including reproductive organs. However, it is too early for your doctor to detect the gender of your baby at this time. There is a possibility the technician may get the gender wrong.

Though very rare, you can avoid this situation if you keep the gender a surprise. Please remember ultrasound aims at more than just knowing the gender. It is done to ensure your baby is doing fine. Besides, in India, it is not really legit to know the gender of the baby before birth, for reasons we all know. And somehow, there's a silver lining to this: Because there's nothing more beautiful than being not just joyful but also pleasantly surprised at the time of delivery when you come to know if an angel in blue or pink has come to grace your life!

You can also use this time to discuss gender neutral parenting trend and its basics. Another benefit of keeping the gender a surprise is preventing less insensitive gender-related comments from friends and other family members. The focus directs on hoping for a healthy baby and safe delivery for the would-be-mom.

You may want to keep it a surprise or just can’t wait to know the news. Either of the options is right and is totally your discretion. However, keeping it a surprise is always exciting!




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