Why taking rest is of utmost importance now

So, you have almost completed a long journey and soon your journey will be over by week 39 or 40. Week 36 marks the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy and this also tells you that your baby is all set to come into your arms anytime now. By this time, you get tired very easily as there is a lot you are going through and there is a lot of weight on your back and feet. You might experience problem in sleeping as your baby won’t let you sleep easily due to the less space your baby is experiencing inside you.

Take quick naps at any given point of the day and take proper rest when you wish to. Once the baby arrives, you need to be up and awake to feed at night, so be ready for this phase. Take all the rest that you can and when you feel energized then save some energy for later days. Do not get tired by doing all the chores at one go.

Take one chore at a time and finish it first. If you have enough energy for another one, then take it up or else leave it for another day. Eat at a fixed time but short meals and in between you can relax and make most of your time by lazing around. Also, indulge in some light exercises as suggested by your doctor at this stage to keep yourself active. After every session, take proper rest and hydrate yourself well.




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