Will breastfeeding hurt & why you need to stock up your nursing bras

Breastfeeding is a natural process and is not supposed to hurt if it is done in the right manner. You may have heard that new mothers witness pain in the initial days but that is not true. However, in some cases it does happen but as long as you and your doctor are able to address the right cause of it, it can be completely taken care of.

Reasons for breastfeeding pain There are many causes of breastfeeding pain and this can reduce your milk supply. Lactation consultants are the one who can help you to come out of this problem. Breastfeeding may improve as your baby grows because your baby latches better with time.

Poor latching Poor latching problems is the most common cause of pain during feeding. If the baby is offered bottle feeding as well as breast then they might tend to confuse between the bottle and the mother’s nipple, which may lead to a poor latch. Change in the breastfeeding position can make a huge difference.

Low iron levels If your iron level is low or you have been on antibiotics for a long time then it can make your nipples sore, which further leads to pain in the breasts.

Tongue-tied Sometimes baby is not able to stick the tongue out or lift it up because of the tongue tie problem. It will damage the tip of your nipples, leading to pain during breastfeeding.

High milk supply If your milk supply is high or there is a gap in the feeding time then there are chances that milk will accumulate in the breasts and make your breasts engorged. This can lead to some pain during breastfeeding.

Infections Due to poor drainage or an infection in the breast, there can be breastfeeding pain.

Some babies know it by birth on how to latch properly while others need guidance. Take one day at a time to establish the best latch for your baby.

Stock up nursing bras You also need a stock of nursing bras for your convenience and support. You need at least two nursing bras so that you will always have one available with you while the other is being washed. The more, the merrier!

If your breast leaks regularly then you may need more than two. During summer season, you actually need them in plenty as they absorb the extra sweat.

A bra which is soft, comfortable and makes you feel easy is the best to buy.




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