Wrapping 2nd trimester in style: Interesting ideas to help you announce your baby's name at the Naamkarann Ceremony

Naamkaran is a very traditional ceremony performed to name the newborn baby in a house. In Sanskrit “Naam” means name and “Karan” means to create or to affect. Usually, this ceremony is performed within a few weeks of the baby’s birth. So the 11th or 12th day is considered auspicious for the ceremony, alongside it is also checked in the Vedic Hindu calendar to see the most auspicious day.

Mostly in Hindu families, “Naamkaran” is a huge affair, and something, which the entire family looks forward to. It involves a lot of arrangements like deciding on the venue, getting your outfits done, and more. Let’s discuss some fascinating ideas for you:

-Fireworks One of the most exhilarating and royal ways of revealing your baby’s name! It reflects your joy to the world while adding a traditional touch to the event. But you have to keep this in check as you wouldn't want to cause noise pollution or air pollution much. One firework to reveal the baby's name is more than enough. Don't go overboard with it.

-Game Another very intriguing and simplest ways to announce the name is by playing a game. You can make small chits by just revealing the first and last letter of your baby’s name and let your guests reveal the rest of the word. At the end of the game, read through the chits and pick the ones that match the name you’ve decided for your baby. Reveal it to the guests, and reward the winners!

-Sweets Announcing good news is always better with sweets and chocolates; therefore, it is a very charming way to introduce your baby to the world! You can opt for customised boxes of sweets with each sweet bearing a letter that is arranged in a way to spell out your baby’s name. Once you have decided on the perfect name, the naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate.

-Balloons Keep some balloons arranged in the room, and only a few of those balloons will contain one letter each of the name you have decided for your baby. The guests have to start popping each balloon, and when finally all letters are out, they have to guess the name. Whoever is right, wins and your baby's name gets out in the open, finally!

These fun-filled ideas to announce your baby’s name add a traditional touch to your event.




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