Write a letter to your baby now..

At week 23, your baby’s sense of movement has increased and you can feel movements inside the womb. Blood vessels are developing to give strength to breathe and ears are developing fast too. Now your baby can pick up the voice coming from outside and will be familiar to the loud noises that your baby hears every now and then.

You might notice some swelling in your feet and ankles at week 23 or in the coming weeks ahead as there will be water retention that will cause edema. It is a good time to connect with your baby as your baby can hear you now. You can sing songs, talk, read stories and even you can write a letter expressing your feeling. When your baby will grow up, then probably you can show this letter so that your baby will feel special and understand your immense love and feelings. You can jot down your experiences while baby is in your womb. Tell how your baby will grow in your womb in these 9 months and take through the journey of your pregnancy. Gift this letter on 10th birthday when your child will be big enough to understand about the emotions and bond that you both share. Your child will cherish these beautiful memories forever.




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