You can feel your baby's movements anytime between now to 20 weeks

Some mothers feel little movement inside their tummy at week 16 and some at week 18 and this new feeling can stretch till week 20. This varies from mother to mother as at week 16, you might feel some fluttering in your tummy or bubbling sensations that you might mistake for gas formation. By week 20, your baby will be kicking and moving around in your tummy and you can easily feel those movements in a more strong way. The flutter inside your tummy is a sign that your baby is moving and is developing in a right way inside your tummy. The baby’s first kick is called “quickening” and you get to feel the moves of your baby when you sit in a quiet place and in a comfortable position.

There will be kicking, fluttering, tumbling motion in your tummy when your baby will start to move inside you at week 16 or anytime between week 16 to 20. Keep an account of these kicks in a day and you will receive strong kicks from once your baby reaches week 28. Babies are generally active when you eat or drink something and if you want to count those movements or kicks, then you need to sit comfortably and then feel the movements of your baby.




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