Your baby already has a favorable sleeping position!

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, your baby will make you hear loud heartbeat and that will be around 120-160 beats per minute. Your baby has starting snoozing off for few hours in your womb and then wakes up in subtle cycles. Unborn babies also settle down in their favorable sleeping positions at this stage. Currently, mothers-to-be will experience back pain and swelling in the legs. Your uterus will grow and pull your lower back forward so this will lead to imbalance while you walk. Be very careful while you walk or climb stairs as you need to get hold of some support while climbing up.

Do not worry much if you cannot place the movement of your baby for an hour as this naughty little one is sleeping in your womb and giving you a peaceful moment as well. Keep a track of heartbeat though during this time and if you sense anything abnormal then rush to your doctor immediately. Your navel will also push out at this stage and you will not be able to find it anymore on your tummy the way it was earlier. Your breasts have become bigger and producing milk for your baby, so you better buy a good nursing bra before your baby arrives to ease off the breastfeeding process.




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