Your baby can already hear your voice!

Have you started communication with your baby? Has your baby responded to any of your songs? Your little one’s hearing develops by around 23 weeks of pregnancy. As your baby grows, more sounds will become audible to your baby. Your baby is now able to make out your heartbeat, breathing, and other loud noises like barking of the street dog, honking of the horn, etc. Are you now excited to grab this opportunity of talking to your baby for the first time? It will help you to create a bond with your child before your baby is born.

·Start singing, reading and talking with your little one. Your baby might not understand what you are saying but that will help you to make a strong connection with your baby. You will be glad to get the response back from your child in the form of kick or movement.

By the time your baby is born, the sounds which was familiar with in your womb, your baby may respond by appearing more alert and active. Your newborn may also pay more attention to mother’s voice than any other.

·The clearest sound that a baby can hear is mother’s voice. But babies also learn to recognize other voices that they hear often. So ask your partner to converse with the baby as much as he can. This will help to create a bond between the baby and the father.

·If you do not want to sing then play calm, relaxing and soothing music to your bump and check if you can get your baby dancing. Playing classical music to your baby will improve IQ. There is no evidence regarding this statement but then there is no harm in playing classical music sometimes.

Good to know:

There is no evidence that loud sounds are unsafe for your baby. But there are chances that it may cause some developmental damage or hearing loss in a growing baby. So, it is worth talking to your supervisor at work if there are any possibilities to transfer you during your pregnancy to a less noisy environment.




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