Your baby can now hear the voice of you & your partner when you both chit-chat!

By week 26, your baby’s ears will be better developed and more sensitive than ever before. Will be able to hear your voice and your partner’s voice as you speak to each other. The voices, tunes and noises your baby hears in utero will help to get used to the environment your baby will be in after birth.

When you’re pregnant, the clearest sound that your baby will be able to hear is yours. Research shows that a fetus’s heart rate increases when it hears the mother’s voice, since your baby becomes more alert when you talk. Try reading out your favorite books, carrying on conversations and singing songs to your baby. This will help your baby to get to know your voice. Your partner can also share in these activities. From inside the uterus, it turns out that deeper, lower sounds are easier to make out than high-pitched ones, so the Dad need not despair!

Are you wondering what you can do to make sure your baby’s hearing develops normally? In most cases, just carrying on with the sounds of normal life is best. There’s no reason to avoid a loud situation — whether it’s a concert you’ve been looking forward to, or an especially lively baby shower.

You might have heard that playing classical music to your baby in the womb can boost IQ, but there’s no proof that this is the case. That said, there’s also no harm in playing your favorite tunes — your baby might just learn to love the music!



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