Your baby is FINALLY full-term this week!

Your baby at 39 weeks is called full term and is ready to come into your arms anytime now. Your baby is still developing a healthy layer of fat on body so that your baby can maintain the temperature of the body once out from your womb. Your baby weighs at around 3.5 kg at this moment and it has been said that boys are more heavier than girls when they are born. The brain of your baby is still growing at a faster rate and it is 30 percent bigger than what it was four weeks ago. The skin color of your baby will change at this stage from pink to white or whitish gray shortly after the birth. Your baby’s tear glands have not opened yet so when you hear first cry, it will be without tears. For some time your baby will cry without any tears coming out of the eyes, the tear ducts will open after few weeks, so do not panic if you do not see any tears in the eyes of your baby.Your baby is FINALLY full-term this week!

Your baby’s endocrine system will secrete more stress hormones at this stage and this will help to manage the bodily systems without the help of your placenta. The lungs of your baby have fully developed now and is ready to breathe on own once your baby takes the first breath in the outside world. A loud cry means your baby is breathing well and is healthy enough to carry on well independently. Your baby is making way deep down as your baby is pushing self and is ready to make way out from your womb to embrace you and be with you in your arms. This will give more and more pressure on your pelvis area and it will ache a lot in the later weeks of your pregnancy.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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