Your baby loves to hear you sing & talk!

At week 36, your baby will love to hear your voice when you sing or read a story. Many studies have revealed that as soon as the baby is delivered, they pick up the mother’s sound first and then recognizes the sound of other people.When you sing a song to your baby in the womb repeatedly, your baby prefers to listen to that song only when your baby is in your arms. You need to sing few songs on an every day basis and some interesting stories as well that will soothe your baby in your arms. When you go out for a nature's walk, then too you can talk to your baby and tell what is around you and how it looks like along with the name of different colors. Your baby will remember these things for a longer time.

You can also dance slowly on few dance numbers and connect with your baby through these songs. This will also help in releasing happy hormones and give a happy environment to your baby. Your bonding will also increase this way. Write letters to your baby imagining how you feel about and how eagerly you are waiting to come into your arms. Also, introduce your baby to immediate relations, like father, grandfather and grandmother that will stay all the time with your baby after arrival. You can also choose to read or listen to a religious song that explains your religion or talks about God to give you and your baby a peaceful time. Singing to your baby helps in building up your connection with the baby and also helps in the speech development of the baby. There are certain words that your baby will pick up and vocabulary will build up while your baby is in your womb.




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