Your baby's brain and lungs are full forming now

At week 37, the lungs of your baby are fully developed and is now ready to breathe on own once your baby is out in your arms. Your baby’s tummy is full of meconium and this will be your baby's first poop after the delivery. At this stage, your baby will take the upside down position where your baby will settle head in your pelvic area and legs will remain upwards. This is an ideal position of the baby for delivery as head will come out first as your baby passes through the birth canal. There will be a coating of lunago when your baby will be born. Your baby’s immune system will continue to develop this week and weight will constantly increase till the time your baby is in your womb.

Your baby will not get enough space to kick now in the womb so will stretch and roll a bit when your baby feels bored. Your little one is practicing sucking the thumb and blinking eyes from time to time. The head of your baby is huge now and it is in proportion to the body. The deposited fat is now making cute dimples on the elbows and knees along with creases in the neck and wrists.



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