Your baby's brain is more & more responsive to the surroundings

It’s your week 20 and now your baby will rapidly grow in weight and brain will also grow rapidly. Your baby’s brain is divided into five parts namely, cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Cerebrum is the biggest part of the brain and it is responsible for thinking, remembering things and feeling as well. In cerebrum, various cerebral cortex and lobes reside. Cerebellum is the motor incharge of the brain that helps in the functioning of the brain. Brain stem is the engine that keeps the vital functions of the baby going like heart beat, breathing, blood flow and blood pressure. Pituitary glands are responsible for growth and metabolism whereas hypothalamus deals with body temperature, hunger, thirst and sleep.patterns.

Week 20 brings in the rapid development of the baby's brain and it connects the brain to other parts of the body, so that they can function as per the brain’s command. The cells in the brain are organized in the proper direction and layers and if the mother is in the state of chronic stress then these cells aggregate in an abnormal way and this affects the baby’s brain development. Mother’s nutrition at this time should be full of vitamins, folate, as this is very important for the growth of your baby’s brain. Folate is very essential for the fetal cell growth, tissue development and DNA as well.



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