Your baby's eyelids can now open

You must be feeling excited as you are coming closer to your delivery date. Your baby is growing well and is getting ready for the D-day in your womb. Eat healthy and maintain hygiene to avoid any infection. Have you ever think that your baby can see before born? What does your little one see in your womb? Eye development of your baby is a mesmerizing process that starts around week 6 of pregnancy.

Vision is the last sense that your baby develops that is why their eye sight are so fuzzy at the time of birth. Your baby’s eyes remains shut until you are about 28 weeks pregnant, which allows the retina to fully develop. After that, your baby is able to open eyelids and starts even blinking and rolling; however, every baby is different and develops at their own rate.

Your tiny one can now open and close eyes and must be sleeping and waking up at a regular interval. There might not be too much to see but can see the bright lights and shadows through your abdomen. Don’t worry as these lights won’t cause any harm to your little one. If you are carrying twins then both your babies can now find each other and will touch each other’s faces. It takes more than six months of meticulous development in utero before your little one’s eyes are ready to process visual information from the outside world.

Are you also interested to know the color of your baby’s eyes? Color of the eye is purely dependent on the amount of melanin in the iris. It also depends on the color of your eyes and your partner’s eye and various other factors as well.




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