Your baby's fingerprints are now developing

Welcome to the second trimester of your pregnancy!


What a ride it has been so far, isn't it?

Pat your back because you have surpassed the scariest bit of this journey that's the first trimester. Take a deep breath because this trimester is going to be relatively easier.

Your baby's fingerprints are now developing

Coming to your baby now, there are three distinct features found on fingerprints. These are loops, arches, and whorls. Loops rise up and back around while arches are like rising and falling waves. Whorls are the circular patterns. Once the finger prints develop on your baby’s tiny finger tips, they are permanent.

At week 13, your baby’s finger prints start to develop. Friction is created when pressure on the fingers is exerted from the baby touching and his surroundings, This frictions results in ridges, the faint lines on the fingers and toes. The ridges and wrinkles on tiny fingers and toes make the fingerprints. The ridge formation is influenced by the density of the amniotic fluid and your baby’s location in the womb. The other factors are how your baby moves in the womb and its rapid growth. The patterns that are formed are also genetically inherited. With so many factors involved, the finger prints won’t be same for any 2 people. Also, for identical twins, the finger prints won’t be same, inspite of having the same genetic information.

By 6 months, your baby’s finger prints and foot prints are fully developed. They remain the same. The patterns formed change size but not shape, as your baby grows.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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