Your baby's gaining some much-needed fat now

Your baby is now growing bigger. The little one may be as long as 10.9 inches and weight is around 15 ounces or more. Your little bundle of joy continues to add fat.

This week, your baby is laying down layers of fat under the skin. Fats are important for your baby's nerve and brain development because every nerve cell in your baby’s body is covered in a layer of fat, which protects it from nearby nerves and improves connection between different nerve cells.

As your baby gains more fat, the baby's skin becomes less transparent than it was in earlier weeks of your pregnancy. Your little one’s veins are still visible under the skin, but this will slowly change as your pregnancy progresses. Your baby’s nose continues to develop in this week. The nasal bridge has not completely developed, so your baby has a cute “button nose” that you are not able to resist!

Your baby has plenty of space in the womb to move around freely. Along with the regular movements and kicks that you will continue to feel, there will also be somersaults, flips and flops. Your baby is exploring small world with small hands. The baby will constantly move its hands, touch face and even try to grab the umbilical cord.

At week 22 of your pregnancy, your baby continues to swallow and digest amniotic fluid. The baby stores the waste as meconium. Meconium remains in your baby’s intestines until birth. In some cases, your baby may pass meconium while in your womb, and this is often a sign of fetal distress, which can cause breathing difficulties after birth.

By now, all the bones in your baby’s body has bone marrow, which is capable of producing red blood cells. It is interesting to note that your baby produces red and white blood cells at a more rapid rate than you. For an unborn baby, red blood cells are removed after 80 days while for an adult, red blood cells are removed after 120 days.

The ridges in your baby’s skin continue to develop. These ridges will eventually form your baby’s first finger and toe prints!



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