Your baby's growth spurts are happening in full-swing!

Your 8th week of pregnancy means you are in the second month of your pregnancy. Now, are you interested in knowing about the growth spurts of your baby in your womb? Here you go with the detailed information about your baby’s growth spurts happening in full-swing.

Though it is quite difficult to find out how big your baby is, it is sure that the growth happens at about the rate of a millimetre a day.

A close review of your tiny embryo would show the spurts happening in the arms, legs, tiny fingers, and toes are emerging from webbed hands and feet. Your little one will now look much more like a baby than a reptilian. The tail will be almost gone by now. Furthermore, you will observe the formation of upper lip, very thin eyelids, and the tip of the nose slightly protruding.

Your baby's heart is beating at the rate of 150 to 170 times per minute, you will find out that your baby is excited with all these growing phases. Heart beat is twice the speed of yours. Your little one would have started making instinctive movements as your baby jiggles the limb buds and tiny trunk inside your womb, though you may not be feeling them at the moment. The volume of amniotic fluid in your womb is increasing to enlarge and provide space for your growing baby.

The size of your baby’s head is bigger than the trunk of the body, and bends on to chest. The facial features are gradually appearing as the nose and the upper jaw takes shape. Your baby’s ears will grow from the little mounds on the sides of head. Eyes are partially covered with eyelid folds. With regard to your baby’s brain, the nerve cells are branching out to form neural artery. The area where your baby's embryonic tail had disappeared, will become tailbone (coccyx).




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