Your baby's heart is beginning to develop into 4 primitive chambers

At 6 weeks, all organs of your baby have started developing and soon they will take a proper shape and position. Your baby’s heart has starting beating now and it is beating at the rate of 150-160 beats per minute. The heart has been divided into four chambers and it has started pumping blood. When you will visit your gynaecologist, you might listen to the heartbeat of your baby during the ultrasound session although it will be only more prominent by 8 weeks.

During your prenatal visit, your doctor will evaluate your health and do some important tests like pap smear and breast examination. Your doctor will also check for your blood sugar levels, iron level and screening for Down Syndrome in the baby. You need to start taking multivitamins and folic acid as suggested by your doctor. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking at any cost for the healthy growth of your baby and eat a healthy diet.




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