Your baby's movements will increase rapidly now

At 24 weeks, your amniotic sac now contains almost 750ml fluid, giving your baby a lot of space to move around. At this point, you will certainly notice a lot of movements by your baby, and will be extremely active now. Sometimes, you might not feel certain movements if you are busy with some work. Babies have a tendency to move more during a certain time of the day, and they tend to become more active during the night, especially when you are asleep.

The approximate sleep time of an unborn baby is about 20-40 minutes and they do not move when they are sleeping. The limb movements could be little punchy and at a time if you pay attention you might feel your baby jumping on certain occasions. Just as your baby is growing and developing every passing day, so are the movements maximized accordingly and become more frequent in the third trimester.

You can try to understand the pattern of your baby’s movement it will help you keep a track and if you feel anything unusual you can reach out for medical help. In the previous weeks, the movement of the baby is more like a fluttering, swishing, rolling or tumbling sensation in your tummy. Now the kicks are more distinct and frequent, as your baby is growing and the skin above your womb stretches making the kicking, jabbing, and pushing more evident. A healthy baby will also move while in labour. For any reason, if you feel that there is a decrease in the movements, or your baby is moving considerably less then you should opt for medical help at the earliest. Sometimes you also may not be able to feel the movements of your baby if the spine of your baby is at the front of your bump or if the placenta is at the front of your bump.




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