Your baby's nursery: Are all the required things in place?

Before your baby arrives in your arms, you need to plan and prepare a nursery for your baby. That will be your baby’s space where your baby will grow up with you and do all sweet little things. There are certain important things that you should place in the nursery that will help you and your baby in the long run. Keep limited things so that the space and things in the nursery can be changed as per the age of your child.

The first and foremost thing is a crib where your baby will sleep in peace. As your newborn baby will sleep most of the time, a crib or bassinet is really needed. Choose a crib that is compact and you can see your baby from all sides. Choose the one that is barred from all the sides but the visibility should be open. Pick comfortable mattresses for your child on which he can easily lie down and play with you. Invest in a waterproof mattress cover and keep them handy so that when you need to change it in the wee hours then it will come handy.

Buy a nursing chair and pillow thinking that it will help you in future too when your baby will stop breastfeeding once your baby grows up. Buy a compact and good quality cabinet for keeping your baby’s clothes and other useful stuff like creams, comb, towel at one place. A humidifier is required for your baby so that the air remains clean and fresh inside the room. It also helps in keeping the bacteria away from the room and helps in clearing up the sinus of your baby.

You can also place few cameras in the room near the crib so that you can place an eye on your baby when you are not around doing others chores without getting much worried. Keep a small dustbin in the room for the diapers and wet tissues that get soiled on a daily basis and change the poly bag of the dustbin daily to keep it clean. You also need a night light that is very essential in a nursery so that your baby does not get afraid in dark.




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