Your baby's plumping up, preparing for birth

Welcome to a brand new week with so many new things happening, in your pregnancy journey!

At 32 weeks, while your baby’s birth may still seem quite far off, you and your baby are gearing up for the journey down the birth canal! Your little one is getting ready for descent– is probably already in the head-down position, feeling even more cramped!

At this time, your baby's starting to look more and more like a newborn. Skin is now soft and smooth as your baby continues to gain fat. Skin is a lot less transparent and more opaque as the fat continues to develop and accumulate under skin. Make sure that you are keeping up your nutrient intake by having 3-4 serves of calcium rich foods each day; milk, cheese, yoghurt, almonds, fish with edible bones, green leafy vegetables are great sources. In the last few weeks of your baby’s time in your tummy, your baby is practising for life outside the womb. Your baby is busy practising those all-important skills which will need as a baby, from breathing and sucking to swallowing and kicking.

Thanks to your baby’s rapid growth, probably feeling a bit cramped in there now. That’s why you might feel a bit less prancing around in there and a bit more tapping and squirming. No worries though, your baby is still super-cosy, and has even reverted back to a curled-up position for maximum comfort.




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