Your baby's quite busy flexing his(or her?) arms & legs

At 18 weeks, you might start feeling a flutter in your tummy and that could be because your baby has started moving inside the womb and is kicking and stretching at the same time. Your baby is almost the size of a bell pepper and the arms and legs are moving in every direction. Your baby is practising all kind of moves and is easily rolling, punching, yawning inside you. In the coming weeks, your baby will be more active so you can see the movements inside the tummy and sometimes she might protrude her elbow or knee at one side of your tummy that will be a feast for your eyes.

As a mother, you will be called for your next level of ultrasound and you will see the developing organs of your baby and how big your baby has become now inside you. Your baby is moving and rolling faster now and started swallowing amniotic fluid as well. Your baby’s entire body will be examined at this stage and doctor will check for any kind of abnormality in the baby. Along with this the heart rate and amniotic fluid will be checked as well. Your blood test will be done that will rule out the chromosomal abnormality in the baby.




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