Your baby's scalp has hair developing already!

During the 15th week of pregnancy, your little one will start growing hair. This occurs in two cycles-shedding and re-growing. The hair decomposes in the amniotic fluid. Follicles are present and evenly spaced, which bring about a specific and precise pattern. This pattern is now all set for life. The delicate skin on your baby’s scalp is now stretching to provide enough space for the growing brain. Also, during this time tiny hairs start to come out through the skin at an angle which will soon form the hairline. After birth, full hair, bald or less hair varies from baby to baby. Few babies stay bald for many months after they are born. The growth and color of the hair depend on genetics.

Besides the hormone estrogen, which is mainly responsible for fetal hair growth, intake of certain foods during pregnancy also contribute to hair growth.

-Eggs provide protein, -Fish gives omega 3 and fatty acids, -Yellow/orange fruits are rich in vitamin A -Assorted nuts are a good source of protein, vitamins, and fiber.

Other foods that boost hair growth are sweet potatoes, yogurt and green leafy vegetables. An ultrasound can show baby’s hair growth but this takes a few more weeks, around 26-27 week of pregnancy.

Besides the growth of hair on the head, soft ultrafine hair called lanugo is appearing all over her body to give warmth, protecting the delicate skin from amniotic fluid. This hair goes off just before or after birth.




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