Your baby's sex organs have developed!

Welcome to the 12th week of your pregnancy!

Your baby’s sex is set at conception. At around 7 weeks of pregnancy, both sexes will have an identical preliminary set of genitalia called genital ridge from which the sex organs develop. The testes in male is equivalent to ovaries and labia in female while the penis is equivalent to clitoris.

If it’s a boy, around week 7, testosterone productions starts, signalled by the Y chromosome. This causes male genitalia to develop. The genital ridge begins to lengthen to form the penis at around week 9 of the pregnancy. The growth of the penis happens mostly during the final trimester. By week 13, the testicles, the male reproductive gland is formed and the external genitalia starts to develop outside the body. The external genitalia include penis, scrotum, and urethra.

Without the Y chromosome, the fetal tissue is a female fetus. Ovaries will start to form at week 9 of pregnancy. By now, there are about two million eggs in them. By week 13, the external genitalia start to develop. They include clitoris and labia. However, its difficult to know the baby’s sex through an ultrasound during this time. For the would-be-mother, it’s a good time with morning sickness symptoms reducing slowly and making you feel more energetic. Talk to your little one and love the early bonding with him or her.




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