Your baby's speech organs are all in place already

Congratulations! You are 14 weeks pregnant. Your baby is doing great.

There are so many changes taking place within you and your baby that you will be dramatically surprised! Can you believe it that everything that would contribute to your little one's voice, is already starting to be in place?

Speech organs, also called articulators include lips, teeth, alveor ridge, hard palate, velum(soft palate), uvula, glottis and various parts of tongue. Using these organs, we produce sounds of language. There are two types of articulators. Active articulators move while passive ones remain still. There are two active articulators, namely tongue and lower lip. The tongue, most important active articulator, works in producing majority of sounds. While the remaining speech organs are passive articulators.

By now, your little one is ready for speech with the speech organs in place. The oesophagus, windpipe, larynx and vocal cords are also in place. However, the vocal cords cannot make any sound yet because your baby is floating in fluid. Preparations are on for the first loud cry immediately after birth during this week of pregnancy.



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