Your breastmilk is getting ready

Pregnancy has resulted in changes in your breasts as your body starts to prepare for childbirth. In the beginning of the second trimester, your body starts to make the first breast milk, called colostrum way before the birth of your little one. This happens now and later in the first few days after your child’s birth.Your breastmilk is getting ready

You will notice small drops of this thick, yellow fluid leaking from your breasts. It is called colostrum. Colostrum coming out now is normal. It implies your body is undergoing changes, which will prepare your breasts to make milk when the baby arrives. Most of the time, colostrum will leak during the night compared to the day. It won’t be very bothersome as only a few drops leak at once.

Once the baby is born, colostrum production will stop after about 4 days. After that, transitional milk, which is more rich in fats and lactose will be produced. The baby’s sucking will stimulate the body to start producing milk.

Though available in small amounts, it’s a superfood, called “liquid gold.” It is rich in protein and has less fats and sugar, hence, easier to digest for your baby soon after birth. It helps to develop your baby’s immunity as it is full of antibodies, white blood cells, and immune properties. It is also a natural laxative, helping your baby move the bowels. The baby’s first poop is meconium. This laxative effect also aids in preventing newborn jaundice by getting rid of the harmful wastes in the body.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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