Your little human is here!

So, by now your baby must have arrived in your arms and you are enjoying your life with the little angel the almighty has blessed you with. During the first five minutes of arrival, your baby will be cleaned, measured, and thoroughly checked for weight. Doctors will suck out all the amniotic fluid stuck up in the mouth and nose so that your little one can breathe freely without any obstruction. Then your cord will be clamped and cut, that will separate you and your baby.

The doctor will instruct you to take care of your baby’s cord stump on the tummy for few days and after 10-15 days it gets dried and comes off on its own. Doctors will give the little one a vitamin K shot and an eye ointment to prevent any eye infection that might occur in the first few hours. Your baby will stay in the nursery for 1-2 hours and after that a nurse will bring to you for giving your first feed that is very important to build up the immunity power of your baby.

The nurse will instruct you about each and everything, from holding your baby to breastfeeding to changing diapers after your baby passes first stool.

If you haven’t delivered till week 40, then do not panic and relax by enjoying this time of yours. Read a book, sleep a lot, eat healthy and stay fit by doing light exercises or strolling in the park. Your baby will be in your arms anytime soon and this is a natural process that can go overdue as well. Think of good and positive things for your baby and you are ready to rule the world!




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