Your little one's muscles are now strengthening!

At 16 weeks, your baby is growing slowly and steadily. The limbs and joints are now formed. In this week, the muscles will work through the body.

The muscles are strengthening in this week. Backbone becomes slowly strong. Baby's head and neck is now straight and baby will be able to hold the head. The baby also develops reflexes and moves a bit as the nervous system makes connections to all the muscles.

Facial muscles are also getting stronger and can move now. Your baby will try making facial expressions or squint and might react to white light though the eyes are still fused shut. However, the little one will not have any control of the facial muscles yet.

The muscles in the limb also flex a bit. Your baby is now able to make a fist and may even grasp the umbilical cord.

The baby‘s bones also strengthen with the help of your calcium intake. Apart from the muscles, the hairline slowly starts to develop. Your baby can hear voices and the little heart is starting to pump blood.

Having a healthy diet and going for regular check up is beneficial for you as well as your little one!



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