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IUI Cost : IUI Package rates from Best IVF Centers and details of IUI treatment cost

IUI full form is Intrauterine Insemination otherwise also known as Artificial insemination, is a procedure under which washed out sperms are introduced into the uterus of the woman during her ovulation hoping that the sperms will then travel to the fallopian tube to fertilize the released eggs.

IUI procedure is recommended by doctors as a first line of treatment for unexplained infertility, when all the factors of fertility are strong and yet the couple is unable to conceive. IUI as a procedure is a very simple one and takes under 20 minutes to go through without any need of sedation. It's a painless procedure that does not need one to take pain medication and also, it's less invasive in nature hence the side effects are almost nil. The success rate of the procedure is around 10-20% and by the third attempt it will be around 60% which helps in increasing the chance of conceiving.

The procedure is comparatively cheaper than other aided fertility procedures like IVF and may cost anywhere between 10,000 to 40,000 depending on the number of attempts and the type of fertility clinic.

Why is IUI treatment done?

Giving birth to a child and the entire process of it is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life. If you have been planning to have a child and tried but failed at conceiving, there could be many different reasons that might have caused an obstacle. In such cases most people choose for an aided or medically assisted procedure for pregnancy. IUI is one such simple yet effective procedure that helps a couple conceive when it doesn't otherwise happen naturally

IUI can be a choice in one or more of the following conditions as listed below:

Donor sperm: When a woman needs a donor sperm to get pregnant in case of single parenting or due to infertility of the partner then IUI is the best available option.

Semen Allergy: Semen consists of non-sperm parts as well and some women have an allergy towards it. In any allergic reaction the immune response of the body is to create antibodies against the said allergen and kill it. So, in the case of semen allergy the body responds by killing the semen containing the sperms as well, leading to infertility. In IUI the non-sperm part is removed and only the normal and high-quality sperms are injected directly into the uterus to increase the chances of conception. A semen allergy can be detected when a woman has allergic reactions after unprotected sex like burning in vagina after sex, change in skin color or area color after contact with semen, swelling of external genitalia. Surprisingly there are no such symptoms when protected sex happens, this helps with diagnosing semen allergy and a couple of tests called skin prick test and allergen specific - Ige is used to confirm the diagnosis.

Unexplained infertility: Unexplained infertility is when the standard fertility tests failed to determine what was the exact cause for the failure of the couple to get pregnant. In cases of unexplained infertility IUI becomes the first step of treatment.

Partial infertility in men: Partial infertility is having conditions like low sperm motility or abnormal structure of the sperms, in such cases IUI seems like the best option because here the collected sample is tested and only the normal and high-quality ones are picked up for insemination.

Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a condition where a tissue like the one that lines the surface of the uterus starts growing elsewhere especially in fallopian tubes and over the ovary. The nature of the endometrium is that it sheds in every menstrual cycle and so wherever the tissue is present the same scenario occurs. Endometriosis can then cause infertility by scarring the fallopian tube layer or altering the structure of the egg or by creating inflammation and hormonal imbalance. In women with mild endometriosis and normal structure of the fallopian tubes, then with aid of medication ovulation is triggered and IUI procedure is carried out. To treat infertility arising due to endometriosis IUI may seem to be the easiest, most beneficial procedure to aid in conception.

Cervical related infertility: The cervix is an organ that connects external genitalia to the vagina and the cervix releases mucus in order to keep the inside smooth. In some cases, the mucus released is so thick that it forms a plug not allowing the sperm to pass through it leading to infertility. In such conditions IUI will help since during the procedure the sperms are introduced directly into the uterus.

Vaginal issues: Vaginismus and increased vaginal pH can be one of the few reasons leading to infertility. In vaginismus the vaginal wall may contract so much that it won’t allow the penis to pass through leading to infertility. The normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 to 5.0 making it acidic, in order to prevent infections. Sometimes this might lower even further causing infertility as it may kill the sperms passing through it, acting as a spermicide. In such conditions IUI may help by directly introducing the sperms into the uterus.

Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction can be an indirect cause of infertility. In such conditions usually the sperm count, or sperm motility are unaffected. Hence using IUI in such conditions will help the couple conceive normally

IVF Package Cost and Inclusions

Doctor Consultations
Pre-Investigation Charges for Tests & Diagnostic
Ultrasound Charges
Hormonal Tests
Stimulate Egg Cell Growth
Semen Analysis
Sperm Wash and Processing
Monitoring & Insemination
Beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (βhCG) test
Medicines and Consumables

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IUF Treatment Cost

IUI treatment cost in India can range between Rs. 10400 to Rs. 19200, average cost of IUI in India is around Rs. 14000, this may depend on various factors like your age, number of cycles, medicines and many other factors. The typical cost of IUI in India varies depending on where you live, IVF center chosen by you. However, the cost of the IUI treatment in India should not be the only consideration in your budget. A single cycle of fertility treatment is not usually sufficient to conceive. A successful pregnancy can take up to three cycles for many couples in India. As a result, you should include the cost of additional cycles required to make it a success in India. If you're having the surgery done somewhere else, you'll have to factor in travel and lodging charges as well.

IUF Treatment CostAverage PricePrice
Agra14000₹13100 - ₹16100
Agra13500₹11100 - ₹16100
Ahmedabad12500₹10100 - ₹15100
Ajmer11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Akola11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Aligarh11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Allahabad14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Alwar11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Amritsar14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Aurangabad14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Aurangabad19000₹12100 - ₹17100
Bangalore12500₹10100 - ₹15100
Bhopal14500₹12100 - ₹17100
Chandigarh14000₹12100 - ₹16100
Chennai16500₹14100 - ₹19100
Coimbatore12000₹10100 - ₹14100
Cuttack11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Dehradun11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Faridabad13500₹11100 - ₹16100
Ghaziabad15000₹12100 - ₹19100
Gorakhpur11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Gurgaon125000₹10100 - ₹15100
Guwahati11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Hisar11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Hubli11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Hyderabad12500₹10100 - ₹15100
Indore12000₹11100 - ₹13100
Jaipur11500₹8000 - ₹15100
Jalandhar11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Jalgaon11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Jammu11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Kanpur13000₹11100 - ₹15100
Kolkata14500₹12100 - ₹17100
Lucknow14000₹13100 - ₹15100
Ludhiana14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Ludhiana12500₹10100 - ₹15100
Madurai14000₹13100 - ₹16100
Mangalore11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Mumbai13500₹11100 - ₹16100
Mysore13000₹12100 - ₹15100
Nagpur14000₹12100 - ₹16100
Nashik14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Nashik14000₹12100 - ₹16100
New-delhi13500₹11100 - ₹16100
Noida19000₹19100 - ₹20200
Patna12500₹10100 - ₹15100
Pondicherry13000₹12100 - ₹15100
Pune13500₹11100 - ₹16100
Ranchi14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Rohtak11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Secunderabad11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Siliguri14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Surat11500₹10100 - ₹13100
Tirunelveli11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Trichy11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Vadodara14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Vadodara11500₹10100 - ₹13100
Varanasi14500₹13100 - ₹16100
Vellore11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Vijayawada11000₹10100 - ₹12100
Visakhapatnam14500₹12100 - ₹17100
Warangal11000₹10100 - ₹12100

Updated On 01-07-2022

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Why is IUI recommended?

IUI procedure recommended for couples with unexplained infertility, partial infertility in male or in cases with cervical causes of infertility. This procedure aims at giving a head start for the sperms to be able to get a chance to fertilize the egg by entering the womb. It gives the couple who are physically vulnerable for reproduction due to factors like age and hormonal issues a chance at parenthood.

Success rate of IUI

IUI Success rate for getting pregnant in women is around 10-20% during each cycle of IUI. The more the cycles one goes through the higher are the chances of getting pregnant. The odds of conceiving rises by 10-20% with each attempt and hence by the third attempt it can be around 40-60%. The chances are greater in women below 35 years of age.

How long does it take to conceive after an IUI procedure?

Ideally the conception can take place within 2 days after IUI procedure, and the implantation might take another 12 days and 2-3 days are needed to build up the hCG levels. Which means anywhere between 14 - 16 days after IUI you can take a pregnancy test to find out if you have conceived.

IUI Procedure Step by Step

The IUI process is very simple, and it takes not more than 10-15 minutes to finish. IUI procedure doesn’t need a separate operation theatre or a sophisticated set up and can be done in the doctor’s clinic itself. IUI is a painless procedure, and you don't need any pain medication or anesthesia to undergo the procedure.

The tests preceding IUI are done only to check if the tubes are clear, and that the ovulation has occurred in women and in men it includes testing sperm count and getting the sample ready.

The final IUI procedure step by step happens in the following sequence:

  1. The woman is made to lie down on a table with legs wide apart and a speculum is used to keep the vagina open.
  2. A sample of the sperm from your partner or that from a donor which were collected previously and washed in order to only retain the normal high-quality sperms are filled in a vial ready for use before the procedure begins. The vial is attached with a syringe to a thin tube at the beginning of the procedure.
  3. The thin tube is then inserted into the uterus through the vagina and using the syringe the sample is pushed into the uterus.
  4. The tube/catheter is then removed, and the speculum is removed after the tube is removed.

The IUI procedure is usually performed anywhere between 6-8 hours after ovulation and a bed rest of 10 minutes is recommended after the procedure to ensure better success rate.

How much sperm is needed for IUI?

In order for the IUI procedure to be successful there should be more than 5 million normal and high-quality sperms. During the IUI process, around 0.2 to 0.5ml of the sample is introduced into the uterus.

IUI treatment side effects

IUI procedure is a relatively simple process and the associated risks of it, if any, are very low and are not very serious. By any chance there might however be some symptoms arising after IUI treatment which are as following

Infection: There are slight chances of getting infection due to the procedure since it involves insertion of a tube and speculum and since it's mildly invasive in nature.

Spotting: Since the IUI procedure includes inserting a catheter into the uterus there may be a slight bleeding from the vaginal wall but don’t worry this will have no effect on the conception

Multiple pregnancies: IUI treatment in itself may not lead to multiple pregnancies but if it is done when the woman is using medicines for ovulation then there are chances of twin or triplet birthing.

Headache: In case a woman is on medication to increase ovulation for the IUI procedure than as a side effect the medicines may cause headache.

Weight gain: In case the woman is taking medication for increasing ovulation for the IUI procedure the medication may cause weight gain which could be around 3kgs.

Shortness of breath: Sometimes a woman is required to take medication to induce ovulation at the time of IUI process leading to shortness of breath as a side effect of the medication.

Severe abdominal or pelvic pain: Although IUI procedure won't directly cause any issue, if one is taking medication to induce ovulation for IUI procedure it may lead to abdominal and pelvic pain.

Factors determining success rate of IUI

The success rate of IUI depends on various factors for different couples and with each attempt the success rate can increase by 10-20% meaning by the end of the third attempt the chances of conception are high. However, it also depends on the age of the woman, underlying conditions leading to infertility etc to determine the success rate of the IUI procedure.

Other factors also include the drugs used to get fertile and if any other medications are used for problems like psychosis and depression etc.

Ideally the success reduces manifold in women who are 40 or above.

You can discuss the success rate of the procedure with your physician to choose better options if needed.

How to improve IUI success rates?

The chances of success of IUI treatment is 10-20% and it increases by the same percentage with every attempt. However, there are ways by which you can improve the chances of the IUI working successfully by taking some precautions on your end.

Avoid stress since stress is considered to be a major factor contributing to infertility issues. It's important that you stay calm all the way through the process.

Avoiding ejaculation for three days until the day your partner must donate sperm for the procedure helps improve the success rate of IUI treatment since the volume of semen and the amount of sperm matter a lot during the IUI procedure. The sperm has life until five days so waiting for three days until the procedure is ideal as there will be an increased semen volume and sperm count. But abstaining beyond 5 days will have a negative impact.

Eat healthy and nutritious meals as they are associated not only with improving fertility but also they contribute in improving the overall well being of a person.

Exercising regularly helps keep you in shape and can also aid in improving fertility. But it's important to not indulge in strenuous exercises as they may have a negative effect. A long walk, a quick jog and a few minutes of yoga daily can prove to be very beneficial.

A good 3 attempts of IUI procedure and keeping in mind all the above tips will help you have a successful conception. In case the attempts fail after 3 times, further tests and other treatment options can be considered.

IVF vs IUI: What's the difference?

IVF (in vitro fertilization) and IUI are the most common procedures used to treat infertility. Both of them are the most popular procedures amongst couples who have not been able to conceive naturally due to various physical or hormonal barriers. However, both the procedures are different from each other.

In IUI treatment, washed out sperms are inserted into the uterus directly hoping that it would travel to the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg. It's a simple procedure that requires no prior medication or anesthesia and also does not require getting admitted into hospital or an operation theater. It's a quick 20 minute procedure and isn't very complicated.

IVF on the other hand requires a lot of time and is also a costlier procedure as compared to IUI and it requires to carry out a set of investigations before the procedure begins. In IUI it's rare to give medicine to stimulate ovulation but in IVF FSH injections are given to specifically help release multiple eggs as opposed to one which is normal. These matured eggs present in the ovarian follicles are then collected in a procedure called egg retrieval where there is a slight sedation given to the patient. Using an ultrasound guide the probe which has a needle attached on top is passed through vagina into the ovarian follicles to retrieve the fluid. The fluid is then studied under a microscope to look for the eggs. The entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes after which a bed rest for an hour is suggested. Around the same time semen sample is collected from your partner as well. The semen sample is washed out and is mixed with the collected eggs after 4 hours of retrieval and kept in an incubator overnight and observed the next day for fertilization. About 60-70% of them usually become fertilized and the fertilized eggs are kept under incubator for another 48 hours. After around 4-5 days from egg retrieval a single or multiple good quality embryos are implanted based on the medical conditions of the mother.

The embryo is implanted using a tube and the egg is directly released into the uterus, which is a painless procedure, doesn't require sedation and takes place within a few minutes. The remaining embryos will be frozen in case the need for the same may arise later. In order to find out if the implantation was successful or not one needs to wait for 14-15 days before taking the pregnancy test.

As opposed to IUI treatment, IVF procedure takes a long duration and is more invasive. IUI is comparatively a more natural procedure and is far less invasive. Due to the medication involved the risk of side effects are higher in IVF as opposed to IUI. The chance of multiple pregnancy is more in IVF in case multiple embryos were implanted and in IUI the same is low in case there were no medications involved to induce ovulation.

IUI pregnancy vs normal pregnancy: What's the difference?

In the traditional method of conception, the sperms are required to travel from vagina into the fallopian tube in order to fertilize the egg released by the ovary. In case of IUI, this process is a bit simplified as the best quality sperms are directly introduced into the uterus where the length of the travel for the sperm is reduced. The chances of conception are increased by 7-10% as opposed to traditional methods of conception.

Is there any difference between an IUI baby and a normal baby?

Actually, there is no difference in terms of the child conceived via a traditional method of conception vs that in IUI. The only difference is in IUI the process was medically aided whereas in the traditional method it wasn't. That being said, in either case the health of the baby depends completely on the wellbeing of the parents and the egg formed.

Popular Questions Asked By Users

Q. We are trying every day but still not conciveing last year Jun -2019 I lost my 7months completed baby in my stomach please help me how to get pregnancy
Ans. Taking good care of yourself is the first step to optimize the fertility. But are the other steps the female can take to get pregnant easily is the main question  asked by several females. Below are the ten tips that need to be follow by every female to naturally get pregnant. 

Frequency of mensuration 

The female who is healthy and is under 35 years of age should monitor her mensuration cycle regularly to ensure the best chances of getting pregnant. So for that case she tend to monitor her first days that should come on the same days of the month.By this she is able to predict the days on the calendar and finds the time of ovulation easily which is the time when her ovaries release the egg. So she has to undergo ex every other day to increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

An egg can be fertile for 12 to 24 hours only while the males egg can remain fertile for 5 days in women's body.

Monitoring ovulation

Female with the regular cycles ovulate about2 weeks before the periods which is not possible to monitor in the female with irregular cycle. That is it usually occurs at 12 to 16 days before the start of the mensuration. There are several methods through which the females can predict their most fertile days as by ovulation predicting kits or the kits that test the urine for luteinizing hormone.

Another successful method to track ovulation is the cervical mucus that involves the woman regularly monitoring the amount and quality of mucus.

Enjoy sex almost every day

Having sex during the fertile days is the best way to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Some females are getting the new tools as fertility tracking apps or websites to help them know that which time is the best to conceive.

Research has shown that there has been a big difference in the ratio of the couples who has concieve while having sex every day in the fertile window than the rose who are having the sex every other day or less in the fertile window.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being too heavy can increase the odds that hinder the conception while being too thin make it very harder to concieve. So healthy weight is the first choice of the doctors and also advisable to increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

Take a multivitamin 

The vitamins are  advisable to take that are neccessary for the female to conceive. Folic acid is really a good idea as the nutral tube gets developed in the head even before the female knows that she is pregnant. 

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is also a good point that helps in conceiving. In this way the female is getting the nutrients that are really neccessary for the female to get before getting pregnant or to get pregnant.

Do less exercise

Being active is good as it makes woman body fit for the the pregnancy and labour but too much exercise will interfere with the ovulation.

Age related decline

As the age of the woman advances the fertility also decreases because changes in the ovaries that decrease the quality of the eggs.

Adopt healthy habits

Kick the habits of the smoking and drinking is neccessary to concieve. As many researches have proved that the habits as above can decrease the quality of the mature eggs.

When to seek help

As the woman is of 35 years or above has tried more than six months for getting pregnant after having regular sex is unable to concieve should get the medical advise straight away.

Q. Mam mere 2 miscarriage ho chuke h. First February me and second December me ab try kr rhe h pr conceive nhi ho pa rha h plss mam hum aisa kya kre kya diet le ya koi check kraye plls btayiye
Ans. Go for the check up and talk to your doctor. You need to have special medication and tests before next pregnancy.
First of all, for that you need to eat healthy that is lots of fruits and veggies and water in your diet.

 Secondly, you need to be mobile that is you need to perform all your daily activities slowly and steadily. Your body needs lots of fluids to recover as well so take in lots of water and other fluids so that your can recover fast. You can also start little exercises with the advise of your doctor after that. Yes you can go for it. And very light exercises won't affect the bm. Exercises as you can go for a walk in a market or in a park. Above all, try to feel good yourself and give lots of love and care to your little sweetheart.

Safe Pregnancy

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