How much does a IVF Treatment Cost ?

IVF (in vitro fertilization) also popularly called test tube fertilization is a process where the egg of a female and sperms of male partner are collected, fertilized and incubated outside the body in order to help forming an embryo which is later implanted into the uterus of the expecting mother. Since the entire process takes place in a lab (in vitro), in a contained environment hence it's called in vitro fertilization and the child is called a test tube baby. 

IVF treatment is a popular choice for curing infertility and aiding in conception. The IVF process is mildly invasive and needs sedation during the egg retrieval process. The process after egg retrieval until the day of embryo implantation might take a week and one needs to wait for at least 14 days after implantation to take a pregnancy test. The  embryo implantation however is a quick painless process. There might be some side effects due to the procedure since it's invasive and includes usage of a lot of medication for the stimulation of ovarian follicles or to treat low sperm count or low sperm motility.

The average success rate of IVF is about 40% and the rate increases in women under 35 years of age. Other factors such as obesity and history of chronic diseases also play a vital role in deciding the success rate of this procedure.

The IVF procedure may cost around 2.5 - 4 lakhs on an average in India and the cost might further increase if it includes freezing the embryos.

What is Covered in IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) Package?

Parentlane IVF Package cost covers all the standard inclusions for IVF treatment like the Investigation charges, Stimulation and Embryo transfer charges or other related expenses typically incurred by Doctors or IVF centers during the treatment. IVF cost from Parentlane provides you a comprehensive plan for your IVF treatment as it's indeed an expensive affair and helps you in financing the IVF treatment cost if required. You also get an added advantage of booking the IVF package directly from Parentlane with recommendations to suit your need, dedicated IVF counselor who would support you throughout the IVF cycles. You get the best deal for your IVF cycle cost and very useful especially if there is a need for you to go through multiple IVF cycles to achieve success in pregnancy. For unlimited IVF cycles you always get unlimited free consultations with Gynecologists from Parentlane for Free, do check out details of the IVF package below for your quick reference.

IVF Package Cost and Inclusions

Doctor Consultations
Pre-Investigation Charges for Tests & Diagnostic
Ultrasound Charges
Hormonal Tests
Medicine Cost for Egg retrieval through Stimulation
ICSI (if needed)
OPU charges to retrieve eggs from Ovaries
Embryo formulation and culture charges in the Lab
Charges for transferring embryo in the uterus
Day-Care Room Charges
Clinical Team Charges
OT Charges
OT Consumables
Assisted Laser Hatching

Parentlane IVF Package Special Offers

Discount on Lab Tests at Home
Diet Charts
Fitness Tips

IVF Package Exclusions

  • Donor Cost
  • Blastocyst
  • Thawing Charges
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Additional Investigations
  • Additional Medicines

IVF Treatment Cost

IVF treatment cost in India may range anywhere from Rs. 56000 to Rs. 180000 as the actual cost may depend on various factors like age, diagnosis reports, medical history, reasons for infertility and any underlying conditions. IVF costs have really come down over the past couple of years. At Parentlane, you can compare rates of IVF cost in India across the IVF Package rates offered by your preferred IVF centers in India and book. The IVF cost in India would vary based on several factors and the success rate has a direct correlation with the number of cycles for the majority of the people. The total IVF Package cost in India can be really low if the women's age is below 35 years and if they manage to succeed in the first IVF cycle itself. Chance of live birth for women in India ranges around 45% to 55% to get success in the first IVF cycle if the age of the women in less than 35 years The main components of IVF package cost in India would typically include various tests and diagnosis procedures, Stimulation charges, Charges for egg retrieval, egg fertilization and transferring embryo in the uterus

The IVF cost for 1 cycle ranges between Rs. 47040 to Rs. 154800 and the total cost can go up based on the number of cycles required to get a high degree of success. Below are the cost associated with various IVF treatment options:

  • Cost of IVF Treatment with Own Sperm and Own Egg without Injection ranges between ₹94000 - ₹150400
  • Cost of IVF Treatment with Own Sperm and Own Egg with Injection ranges between ₹189000 - ₹302400
  • Cost of IVF Treatment with Own Sperm and Donor Egg ranges between ₹284000 - ₹454400
  • Cost of IVF Treatment with Donor Sperm and Own Egg ranges between ₹236000 - ₹377600
  • Cost of Diagnosis which includes Ultrasound and Semen analysis ranges between ₹7000 - ₹11200
With Parentlane, the total IVF package cost is much lesser as the partners use modern labs with advanced technological capabilities to keep the cost low and at the same time deliver world class IVF treatment.

Not everyone requires IVF, so it's always best to talk to Parentlane Pregnancy Counselors and Doctors to take the right advice based on your reports or history. So go ahead, book a free counseling session now!

IVF Treatment CostAverage PricePrice
Agra110000₹52100 - ₹167400
Agra114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Ahmedabad129000₹73500 - ₹166500
Ajmer114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Akola114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Aligarh114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Allahabad120000₹83700 - ₹139500
Alwar114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Amritsar140000₹83700 - ₹176700
Aurangabad120000₹83700 - ₹139500
Aurangabad114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Bangalore162000₹93000 - ₹231600
Bhopal114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Chandigarh115000₹83700 - ₹130200
Chennai162000₹93000 - ₹231600
Coimbatore118000₹88400 - ₹130200
Cuttack114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Dehradun114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Faridabad129000₹97700 - ₹143300
Ghaziabad114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Gorakhpur114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Gurgaon140000₹74400 - ₹186000
Guwahati114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Hisar114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Hubli114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Hyderabad130000₹55800 - ₹185100
Indore114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Jaipur144000₹82800 - ₹185100
Jalandhar114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Jalgaon114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Jammu114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Kanpur129000₹73500 - ₹166500
Kolkata115000₹83700 - ₹130200
Lucknow149000₹79100 - ₹175800
Ludhiana140000₹83700 - ₹176700
Ludhiana114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Madurai114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Mangalore109000₹64200 - ₹138600
Mumbai162000₹93000 - ₹231600
Mysore109000₹64200 - ₹138600
Nagpur114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Nashik120000₹83700 - ₹139500
Nashik115000₹83700 - ₹130200
New-delhi162000₹93000 - ₹231600
Noida127000₹94000 - ₹166500
Patna129000₹73500 - ₹166500
Pondicherry114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Pune162000₹69800 - ₹231600
Ranchi140000₹83700 - ₹176700
Rohtak114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Secunderabad114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Siliguri120000₹83700 - ₹139500
Surat114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Tirunelveli114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Trichy114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Vadodara140000₹83700 - ₹176700
Vadodara164000₹93000 - ₹213000
Varanasi120000₹83700 - ₹139500
Vellore114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Vijayawada114000₹82800 - ₹130200
Visakhapatnam114000₹82800 - ₹129300
Warangal114000₹82800 - ₹129300

Updated On 02-03-2023

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Who needs the IVF process?

IVF is a go to process for many couples who are unable to conceive due to infertility or chronic health issues in women. IVF is recommended by the doctors for couples who have one or more of the following conditions :

Low sperm count is the reason leading to infertility in many men. In case of low sperm count being an obstacle to conception with medication and IVF the chance of conceiving increases.

PCOD also known as polycystic ovarian disorder is a disease where the eggs form large cysts in the ovaries releasing male hormones and causing issues like infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, hair loss, weight gain etc. It affects almost 3 of 10 women in India. In such conditions where the eggs produced by the ovary are partially mature or immature, IVF treatment helps stimulate normal ovulation and with help of egg retrieval and incubation a fertilized embryo is placed into the uterus. The IVF process helps women with PCOD have a chance at normal motherhood.

Fallopian tube abnormalities like formation of scar tissue on the Fallopian tube or a tubal blockage may lead to infertility since it's in the Fallopian tube that the mating of sperm and egg takes place. In the IVF process, the eggs are collected in a procedure called egg retrieval and after the collection of semen samples from the male partner the eggs are fertilized and incubated in a lab and later the embryos are injected into the uterus. Hence the process that needs to take place in the Fallopian tubes occurs outside aiding in normal conception. 

Endometriosis is a disease characterized by formation of a layer of endometrium which is normally growing on the uterus lining, forming outside the uterus like in Fallopian tubes or on the ovary leading to scar tissue formation, hormonal imbalance and release of damaged eggs. Endometriosis can hence cause infertility in many women which can be cleared by IVF treatment. 

Sterilization is a process of permanent birth control achieved in women by tubal ligation or tubectomy and in men by vasectomy. In any case a couple that has previously undergone sterilization decides to conceive later then the IVF process helps such a couple achieve their dream of conceiving a child by incubating the embryo outside the body and implanting it into the womb of the want to be mother.

Hereditary genetic issues that may be hindering the life of a couple, who are worried that the same might pass on to their children usually choose the process IVF wherein only healthy embryos are chosen and implanted into the womb in order to aid in conception.

Why is IVF recommended?

IVF treatment has a good rate of accuracy in providing treatment for infertility cases. The success rate is also higher compared to other modes of treatment of infertility. IVF is the first choice in cases where one or both parents have genetic illnesses. IVF is chosen in treating infertility if IUI and other modes of treatments fail. 

IVF process step by step:

Before choosing IVF procedure as an ideal treatment a physician will completely assess the health of both the want to be parents. A screening will be done to test the ovulation, the fertility profile of both individuals, blood panel to check for hemoglobin, creatinine and sugar levels etc, an ultrasound scan is done to confirm normal anatomy of the uterus and the fallopian tubes, a test to check for the allergy profile and thorough examination is done in case of a history of genetic illness of the parents.

In case the menstrual cycles are irregular or the sperm count is low, in such situations medication is given to induce normal cycles and to increase the sperm count. Also medication can be given to improve sperm motility and sperm anatomy in case there is a defect noticed. 

After another round of thorough assessment to check for ovulation and sperm quality post the medication the actual IVF process begins

Ovarian stimulation is the first step in the IVF cycle. Normally in each ovarian cycle an ovary produces one egg but for the IVF procedure to be carried out one egg won’t be enough. Hence FSH injections are given to the woman between 9 to 14 days of her normal menstrual cycle in order to stimulate the ovarian follicles.

Trigger injection is the next step in the IVF process which is given after the ultrasound confirms that the size and number of follicles have increased. The FSH injections are stopped and your physician decides when is the best time to administer the trigger injection which is a hCG injection. The role of hCG is to help the eggs mature and to loosen up the ovarian follicles in time for egg collection.

Egg retrieval is the third and most important step of the IVF procedure. This process is carried out in a special operation theater where the woman is given mild sedation. A probe with ultrasound imaging and a needle is used to navigate a tube through vagina upto the ovaries. The fluid in the ovarian follicles are extracted and the probe is retrieved. This process takes around 30 minutes after which an hour of bed rest is suggested for the woman. The liquid is viewed under a microscope and eggs are all collected separately.

Semen collection is also done on the same day as the egg retrieval procedure. A separate space is provided to your partner within the clinic for him to collect the sample and drop it at a said place.

Fertilization and embryo development is the next step in the IVF process that takes place 4 hours after egg retrieval. During this step the semen sample and the collected eggs are fertilized and incubated overnight,initially. The sample is then checked for fertilization and usually 60-70% of the eggs get fertilized. After that the samples are incubated for an additional 48 hours.


Embryo transfer is a process under which the embryos formed post the fertilization phase are transferred into the uterus via a tube and speculum. During this process they make sure to choose the healthiest embryos and usually only 1 embryo is implanted. However, depending on the condition of the mother and the history of any chronic illness sometimes 2 or 3 embryos may also be implanted. The remaining embryos can be frozen to either use for the next cycle or to plan a second pregnancy in the future, if that's a possibility. 

Luteal phase is a two week phase between embryo transfer and the pregnancy test. It is important to maintain good health during this phase. Progesterone medication given after the egg retrieval may cause symptoms like nausea, tiredness, cramping and bloating. There may be a slight spotting of blood before the 14 days completion but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that the treatment was unsuccessful. 

Pregnancy tests can be done either using a home pregnancy test kit or in the lab a blood test called beta HCG can be done. Pregnancy test will determine if the cycle was successful or unsuccessful. In case the test was unsuccessful, the physician will try to determine if there is any other underlying factor and treat it or else another cycle will be repeated using the frozen embryos. 

The IVF process may take anywhere between 17-20 days. 

IVF success rate:

The success rate of pregnancy is anywhere between 25-35% and maybe even upto 40% in women under the age of 35. However the chances of getting pregnant might reduce in each successive cycle. But the cumulative effect of 3 cycles of IVF may give a woman around 50-60% chance of conceiving.

Risks and side effects of IVF process :

Since IVF is an interventional process the side effects of the same are more than any other fertility treatments like IUI. The medication used for stimulating follicular changes and also the process of egg retrieval itself might cause some side effects.

Soreness and bruising due to the FSH injections used in order to increase the ovulation is a common symptom.

Nausea, breast tenderness, bloating and hot flashes may also be found in some women due to the usage of fertility drugs. 

Mood swings and fatigue may also be noticed due to the progesterone medication given post egg retrieval period.

Allergic reactions such as skin rashes, irritation and burning at the site of FSH injections can also be seen in many women. 

Pelvic and abdominal pain pay also be present resulting from the egg retrieval process. 

Mild backache can also be noticed in some women due to the sedation used during the egg retrieval procedure.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is an excessive response by the body to the injectable hormones causing symptoms like bloating, nausea, and weight gain. It happens as a result of over production of follicular fluid that leaks into the abdomen. This is mostly mild and can be treated by just some bed rest and hydration.

Multiple births is a possibility in case there are multiple embryos inserted during the embryo implantation procedure.  

Ectopic pregnancy though rare is possible to happen in IVF treatment and the chances of the same are around 2-5%

Misscariage is a possibility in women who are injected with fresh embryos. The chances of miscarriage in such scenario is same as in normal pregnancy which is 15-20%.

Weight gain may be present due to usage of fertility medication and the same has to be closely monitored all through pregnancy. 

Preparing yourself for IVF :

In any pregnancy whether IVF or normal when a couple is planning to conceive there are multiple things that need to be kept in mind. It is very important to stay physically active, mentally calm and emotionally stable. SInce IVF is a costly affair and an interventional process, knowing everything about the process beforehand, taking relevant counseling, clearing doubts if any beforehand and preparing your mind for the same is highly important. 

However you can do the following in order prepare yourself for the procedure:

  • Eat healthy food and exercise daily, good health increases the chance of the procedure to be a success.
  • Get proper and timely treatment for your chronic diseases, if you have any.
  • Maintain a healthy weight because as a side effect of the fertility medications there are chances of gaining around 3 kgs of additional weight and also pregnancy will also lead to weight gain. So maintaining a healthy weight even before the process begins will ensure that you don’t end up being overweight towards the end.
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol, smoking and intake of drugs.
  • Reduce the intake or better still avoid caffeine as much as possible.
  • Do not travel to areas which may expose you or put you at the risk of getting infectious diseases. 
  • Meditation and yoga will also be of help to maintain a calmer mind and a healthy body.


Increasing the chances of IVF procedure to be successful :

The success rate of IVF is around 40% which is 20% more than other fertility procedures like IUI. However the success rate will reduce after the age of the woman progresses from 35 to 40. In order for the procedure to be successful it is better to prepare yourself for the side effects and stay well informed about the success rate in your condition beforehand.

You can also try on your end to increase the chances of success of the IVF procedure by doing the following:

Maintaining a healthy weight right before the process even begins.

Optimizing sperm healthy by intake of a healthy diet, maintaining an optimum body temperature and choosing boxers over briefs.

Choose the best clinic and the best doctor possible who offer IVF procedures in order to increase the success rate of IVF.

Reduce your stress levels, stay as calm and clear as possible.

Take medication and treatment for your chronic health conditions if any and try taking supplements like prenatal vitamins.

Make sure your blood calcium, iron and vitamin D levels are all normal.

Stay persistent and calm until the procedures are done and the outcome is in your favor.

During the period between embryo implantation and pregnancy test, stay as positive and as calm as possible. Try to get a good amount of physical activity and eat a healthy diet.

IVF pregnancy vs normal pregnancy

IVF pregnancy may have side effects initially due to the usage of fertility drugs or pelvic and abdominal pain due to egg retrieval. Also there is a risk of multiple births in case of IVF when more than one embryo is implanted. In normal pregnancy however such risks are nullified. BUt after conception there won’t be any much difference between a normal pregnancy and and IVF pregnancy, unless there is a history of chronic or genetic illness in the mother or any complications due to age.

IVF baby and normal baby : Is there any difference?

Usually in IVF conception only a healthy embryo is implanted into the uterus in order to make sure that the baby is as healthy as possible. In case of multiple embryos being implanted there might be a chance of multiple births. Otherwise there is no difference in any way between a normal baby and a baby conceived via IVF.

IVF procedure cost

The average price for IVF in India per cycle may range anywhere between 1,40,000/- to 4,50,000/- depending on the hospital or clinic chosen and there are various packages involved. 

Usually the medication for inducing ovulation and embryo freezing may cost extra.

IVF Treatment Cost in India

IVF Treatment Cost in Agra IVF Treatment Cost in Agra IVF Treatment Cost in Ahmedabad IVF Treatment Cost in Ajmer IVF Treatment Cost in Akola IVF Treatment Cost in Aligarh IVF Treatment Cost in Allahabad IVF Treatment Cost in Alwar IVF Treatment Cost in Amritsar IVF Treatment Cost in Aurangabad IVF Treatment Cost in Aurangabad IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore IVF Treatment Cost in Bhopal IVF Treatment Cost in Chandigarh IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai IVF Treatment Cost in Coimbatore IVF Treatment Cost in Cuttack IVF Treatment Cost in Dehradun IVF Treatment Cost in Faridabad IVF Treatment Cost in Ghaziabad IVF Treatment Cost in Gorakhpur IVF Treatment Cost in Gurgaon IVF Treatment Cost in Guwahati IVF Treatment Cost in Hisar IVF Treatment Cost in Hubli IVF Treatment Cost in Hyderabad IVF Treatment Cost in Indore IVF Treatment Cost in Jaipur IVF Treatment Cost in Jalandhar IVF Treatment Cost in Jalgaon IVF Treatment Cost in Jammu IVF Treatment Cost in Kanpur IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata IVF Treatment Cost in Lucknow IVF Treatment Cost in Ludhiana IVF Treatment Cost in Ludhiana IVF Treatment Cost in Madurai IVF Treatment Cost in Mangalore IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai IVF Treatment Cost in Mysore IVF Treatment Cost in Nagpur IVF Treatment Cost in Nashik IVF Treatment Cost in Nashik IVF Treatment Cost in New-delhi IVF Treatment Cost in Noida IVF Treatment Cost in Patna IVF Treatment Cost in Pondicherry IVF Treatment Cost in Pune IVF Treatment Cost in Ranchi IVF Treatment Cost in Rohtak IVF Treatment Cost in Secunderabad IVF Treatment Cost in Siliguri IVF Treatment Cost in Surat IVF Treatment Cost in Tirunelveli IVF Treatment Cost in Trichy IVF Treatment Cost in Vadodara IVF Treatment Cost in Vadodara IVF Treatment Cost in Varanasi IVF Treatment Cost in Vellore IVF Treatment Cost in Vijayawada IVF Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam IVF Treatment Cost in Warangal IVF Treatment Cost in India