Normal Delivery Charges in Bangalore: Baby Delivery Charges, Hospital Rates for Baby Birth, Cost of Normal Delivery in Bangalore

Normal Delivery Charges in Bangalore are usually lesser compared to cesarean (C-section), the rates are mostly based on the consulting doctor, hospital facilities, type of hospital, days of stay and many other factors. Normal delivery stay in hospitals is usually around 2 nights or 3 days, whereas the average stay for cesarean delivery at hospitals can go up to 3 nights or 4 days. This is one other factor why the normal delivery rates are lower at hospitals.

Typically, Normal Delivery Cost in Bangalore may range from INR 29500/- to INR 99600/- for General Ward having required facilities. However, In case of Semi private and private room with more facilities, normal delivery charges can start from INR 33100/- and can go upto INR 152300/-.

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Normal Delivery Rates in BangalorePrice
Normal Delivery Cost for General₹29500 - ₹99600
Normal Delivery Cost for Semi Private Room₹31300 - ₹137800
Normal Delivery Cost for Private Room₹33100 - ₹152300

Updated On 01-03-2023

What is Covered in Normal Delivery Package in Bangalore?

Normal Delivery Rates in Bangalore vary by hospitals as it would depend on various factors like the facilities provided by the hospitals, doctor charges, OT charges, anesthetic charges. At Parentlane, the Normal Delivery rates in Bangalore also include many benefits to ensure better care and convenience for members. So go ahead and book now!

Inclusions from the Package

All Surgery Expenses
Doctor's fee
OT Charges
Anesthetic Charges
Drugs Used During Surgery
Investigations during Surgery
Professional Charges
Room Rent for Standard Stay
Nursing & administrative charges

Early Booking Special Offers in Bangalore

Discount on Lab Tests at Home
Pregnancy Diet Charts
Newborn Baby Care Support
Breastfeeding Support
Mother's Health and Get Back to Shape Support

Exclusions from the Package

  • Clinic Consultation Fees
  • Lab Tests or Scans
  • Any Additional Procedures
  • Non-Medical Expenses & Consumables
  • Mother & Baby Pharmacy Expenses
  • Additional Stay other than standard length
  • Professional fee for Specialist if Involved
  • ICU/NICU Stay if Utilised
  • Any Pre & Post operative Investigations
  • Blood units, Blood Products or Infusions if any
  • Emergency Charges if any
  • Epidural charges in case of delivery
  • Any extra treatment or tests for the baby
  • Family Planning Procedure if any
  • Instrumental Delivery
  • Non Medical Items (Ex-Bed Pan, Gloves, Gown, Mask, Cap)
  • Muhurtham or Any special request
  • Food for Patient Attendant

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Normal Delivery Charges at Hospitals in Bangalore

Normal Delivery Rates at hospitals in Bangalore varies based on the hospital facilities, consulting doctors, reviews, room type, NICU availability and many other factors. Usually normal delivery charges from reputed corporate hospitals cost a premium compared to standalone hospitals and they do offer complete care required during pregnancy including nutrition, lactation, physiotherapy support which may be required to provide best maternity care. You can check out the normal delivery cost of hospitals in Bangalore below for Private, Semi-Private rooms, with reviews and book with our pregnancy counselor for free.

Types of Normal Delivery

There are many types of assisted normal deliveries. Assisted normal delivery occurs when a mother is not able to push the child to the birth canal. Assisted means it requires special instrument like vacuum extractor, forceps or medication to help extract the baby from vagina.

1. Vacuum extraction: If the baby’s head got stuck towards canal or mother not able to push the baby further to the canal, the vacuum extraction method is applied. A doctor will place a suction device on your baby’s head applying some force, required to pull the baby out while the mother pushes.


2. Forceps delivery: Sometimes, the doctor may have to insert forceps into the birth canal. They are big forceps that cup the baby's head, allowing the doctor to reposition the baby and hence extracting the baby. This method is used when the mother got exhausted, and hence unable to push the baby out of canal or if the baby's heartbeat slows while the head is in the birth canal.

3. Episiotomy: In this method, a surgical cut or small incision is made between the vaginal opening and anus. It is being done when the vagina has not stretched enough to deliver the baby. The incision is made to enlarge the vagina or exit area so that baby can come out easily and safely. It is easier for the doctor to stitch this straight incision after the child birth.

4.  Amniotomy: In this process, the water bag is deliberately ruptured using a plastic hook. This is being done to release the amniotic fluid from sac to induce labor during childbirth.

5. Induced labor: It is the stimulation of uterine contractions by the doctor before the actual labor initiates. Labor induction is being practiced if the pregnancy is postterm or the baby’s or mother health is at risk.

Symptoms of Normal Delivery

As a pregnant woman, you will experience some symptoms before delivery. The symptoms may vary for each woman however, it is always good to know few common symptoms. There is nothing to worry about if you experience any of the symptom given below. Just call your doctor and explain the symptom.

Symptoms that appear few weeks before normal delivery

  • Loosened joints
  • Extreme pressure on bladder that leads to frequent urination.
  • Braxton Hick’s or false contractions – The contractions with less pain and declining intensity are known as Braxton Hick’s or false alarm of labor.
  • Dilation of the cervix
  • High Energy levels or extremely exhausted.

Symptoms that appear few days before normal delivery:

  • Change in vaginal discharge. It will be thicker and coloured.
  • Pinkish and thick mucus in urine
  • Baby drops in pelvis.
  • Sudden ease in breathing.

Symptoms of pain before delivery

Symptoms that appear few hours before normal delivery

  • More frequent and stronger contractions
  • Pain like Premenstrual cramps.
  • Water breaking
  • Period or release of red blood like mucus.

Getting Prepared for Normal Delivery

Getting prepared for the delivery in advance is a nice idea. Packing the essentials in your hospital bag is one of the most important thing. Here is a list of items you should pack in your maternity or hospital bag.

First of all you will need 3 bags, one bag for you, one for the baby and then another bag for the labor room.

1. Hospital Bag for Labor room

  • Pregnancy file or all your medical reports. – All the documents that are required by the doctor to know all about your pregnancy history or medical complications if any.
  • Insurance file – An insurance documents or medical card needs to be submitted during admission in hospital. Keep them handy.
  • Few important phone numbers – You must always carry a list of emergency phone numbers.
  • Dressing Gown - A comfortable birthing Gown with snap down the back and each shoulder snaps down for ease of medical access and breastfeeding for nursing mothers.
  • Socks and Slippers– The labor room is quite cold. Wearing socks will make you comfortable. Comfortable footwear or slippers are recommended for walk while you are in labor.
  • A book - Pack something like a book, magazine or music I pod to help you pass the time easily between contractions.

2. Hospital Bag For new mom after delivery

  • Comfortable Pyjama T-shirts or night gowns or breastfeeding gown – You must require a comfortable night dress for your stay at hospital. Try keeping the comfortable feeding gown to ease yourself for during breastfeeding.
  • Maternity or Sanitary Pads – Heavy maternity pads or large size sanitary pads are recommended to be used after delivery. Its normal to bleed heavily after delivery, so the extra absorbing maternity pads are much comfortable to be used.
  • Extra pair of underwear – Extra pairs of comfortable underwear as you might get messy due to heavy bleeding.
  • Nursing Bra – Extra bra or nursing bra should be there in your hospital bag.
  • Soap, Tooth Brush, Tooth paste – Don’t forget to keep essential toiletries.
  • Extra bag to keep the used clothes.
  • Healthy Snacks – Consult your doctor or midwives what to be packed in snacks for after delivery. With different situation and region in India, we have specific after delivery meals for new mother.
  • Breastfeeding Pump – Though it is not always required, but you can keep the pump for emergency cases.

Preparing the hospital bag because your baby can come ''anytime now!''

3. Hospital bag For baby after delivery

  • Baby’s outfit or bodysuit – Now every hospital provides baby clothes, still it is always important to keep 2-3 comfortable baby’s outfit in your bag.
  • Receiving Blanket - It is good to keep at least 2 receiving blankets in the bag.
  • Diapers – Zero size diapers or new born diapers bag is required. Your baby might require 10-12 diapers in a day.
  • Baby Wipes – New born baby’s skin is very soft and delicate. It is best to use the cotton balls or baby wipes to clean them.
  • Socks – Newborn are susceptible to cold. It is good to make them wear socks during the hospital stay.

Delivery Time: Labour and Delivery process of Normal Delivery

The labor can begin with your water breaking or medically refers to the rupture of amniotic sac leads to discharge of amniotic fluid. Once the water bag breaks, the baby has 24 hours to be delivered safely without risks of complications. The labor can last anywhere from minutes to hours, may vary for each woman.

Labor itself is divided into 3 phases.

  • Early labor – The woman experiences early labor or contractions every 3 to 5 minutes. This phase last from 6 to 10 hours and cervix dilates from 0-4 cm during this phase.
  • Active labor – The contractions become stronger and more frequent during this phase. The cervix dilates up to 7 cm.
  • Transition phase: This is the time when cervix dilates up to 10 cm. This is most painful phase of labor and contractions are most intense and even more frequent but may last only a few minutes.

Duration of Normal Delivery Time:

With the completion of cervix dilation, its time to help your baby come out through the birth canal i.e. vagina. Normal delivery generally takes 30 minutes to one hour but it can be as short as 10 minutes too.

Usually, normally delivery takes place nearby the completion of pregnancy time. It is recommended to stay pregnant till 39 weeks and then wait for natural labor to start on its own. If the pregnancy exceeds, the doctor will induce labor and help you achieve normal delivery depending upon the medical condition at that time.

Pains during labor and delivery time

Many women go into labor at different times, so it can be a complete surprise when you are going to deliver the child. Some women have little pain, while other experience major amounts of pain during labor.

The pain at childbirth is holistic. Your partner can encourage you to feel healthy and confident for childbirth. This will help ease pain. You may ease pain by some relaxation and breathing exercises during labor. You may walk, take massage, bath or shower or listen to music. These methods may help you ease pain.

Post Delivery tips to take care of yourself

The way mother requires care during pregnancy, postpartum care is utmost crucial. The postpartum healing period for mother is about 6 weeks. The care taken during this time will benefit in future.

Take Rest

Getting proper sleep for 8 hours after childbirth is difficult, however, your body lots of rest. Take rest when your child sleeps.

Take Nutrition

Do not stop calcium or iron immediately after child birth. Woman loss iron from their body due to excess bleeding. Nutritious and easily digestible diet is the main key to have a healthy and fast postpartum recovery.

Post Delivery mom tips

Take help

Remember, postpartum time is your healing time. Try to take help for household work. Ask your spouse or parents to help you changing baby diapers or other works.

Postpartum Depression
Your body has gone through several changes during pregnancy. The change in hormones after delivery leads to depression or mood swings. Handling the postpartum depression is very important.

Tell your spouse and family members about the same well in advance. Seek support from your partner.

Prefer Normal Delivery

You must prefer natural or normal delivery as it has associated benefits for the mother and child.

Normal delivery requires a short recovery time for mother. Your hospital stay would be minimal.

The bacterium released during normal delivery will be received by baby helps in building his strong immune system. It also decreases the risk of respiratory disease in children.

The baby born through normal delivery are less prone to pneumonia.

You will have shorter labor.

Normal delivery leads to ease in breastfeeding.  It allows you to have a normal diet very soon.

Tips to promote Normal Delivery

Healthy Diet: A nutritious and healthy diet throughout the pregnancy leads to normal delivery. Food with rich spices leads to heart burn or other stomach problem during pregnancy.

Start Exercise: Join yoga classes or ask your doctor for other exercises to start with. Squatting at later stage of pregnancy helps building pelvic ones stronger.

Remain active: Keep yourself busy and active. Take proper rest but not be lazy.

Remain positive: Read good things, listen to good music helps you remain positive and patient. This will help you bear labor easily.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for you and your partner. Get ready for the sleepless nights yet wonderful experience throughout the motherhood.

You can choose the best doctors at hospitals near to your location and book your complete pregnancy package with Parentlane. Book now to talk to a counsellor for free!

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