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Normal Delivery Charges in Nellikuzhi: Baby Delivery Charges, Hospital Rates for Baby Birth, Cost of Normal Delivery in Nellikuzhi

Normal Delivery Charges in Nellikuzhi are usually lesser compared to cesarean (C-section), the rates are mostly based on the consulting doctor, hospital facilities, type of hospital, days of stay and many other factors. Normal delivery stay in hospitals is usually around 2 nights or 3 days, whereas the average stay for cesarean delivery at hospitals can go up to 3 nights or 4 days. This is one other factor why the normal delivery rates are lower at hospitals.

Typically, Normal Delivery Cost in Nellikuzhi may range from INR 36900/- to INR 36900/- for General Ward having required facilities. However, In case of Semi private and private room with more facilities, normal delivery charges can start from INR 44600/- and can go upto INR 44600/-.

At Parentlane, you could compare normal delivery charges at nearby hospitals which are preferred by you, by your doctor and book seamlessly. Talk to the expert now and get personal assistance with 0% EMI options as well.

Normal Delivery Rates in Nellikuzhi, KothamangalamPrice
Normal Delivery Cost for General₹36900 - ₹36900
Normal Delivery Cost for Semi Private Room₹40800 - ₹40800
Normal Delivery Cost for Private Room₹44600 - ₹44600

Updated On 01-07-2022

What is Covered in Normal Delivery Package in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam?

Normal Delivery Rates in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam vary by hospitals as it would depend on various factors like the facilities provided by the hospitals, doctor charges, OT charges, anesthetic charges. At Parentlane, the Normal Delivery rates in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam also include many benefits to ensure better care and convenience for members. So go ahead and book now!

Inclusions from the Package

All Surgery Expenses
Doctor's fee
OT Charges
Anesthetic Charges
Drugs Used During Surgery
Investigations during Surgery
Professional Charges
Room Rent for Standard Stay
Nursing & administrative charges

Early Booking Special Offers in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam

Free Consultations with Gynaecologists Online
Dedicated Pregnancy Health Coach
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Newborn Baby Care Support
Breastfeeding Support by Lactation Specialist
Mother's Health and Get Back to Shape Support

Exclusions from the Package

  • Clinic Consultation Fees
  • Lab Tests or Scans
  • Any Additional Procedures
  • Non-Medical Expenses & Consumables
  • Mother & Baby Pharmacy Expenses
  • Additional Stay other than standard length
  • Professional fee for Specialist if Involved
  • ICU/NICU Stay if Utilised
  • Any Pre & Post operative Investigations
  • Blood units, Blood Products or Infusions if any
  • Emergency Charges if any
  • Epidural charges in case of delivery
  • Any extra treatment or tests for the baby
  • Family Planning Procedure if any
  • Instrumental Delivery
  • Non Medical Items (Ex-Bed Pan, Gloves, Gown, Mask, Cap)
  • Muhurtham or Any special request
  • Food for Patient Attendant

Why Book Your Normal Delivery Package with Parentlane?

You get the best normal delivery rates in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam from Parentlane as you can easily compare rates from popular hospitals providing normal delivery facilities and book easily. The Parentlane care team also provides you with a dedicated care team to support you before and after the normal delivery in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam apart from supporting you with admission, finance and insurance as well.

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Normal Delivery Charges at Hospitals in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam

Normal Delivery Rates at hospitals in Nellikuzhi varies based on the hospital facilities, consulting doctors, reviews, room type, NICU availability and many other factors. Usually normal delivery charges from reputed corporate hospitals cost a premium compared to standalone hospitals and they do offer complete care required during pregnancy including nutrition, lactation, physiotherapy support which may be required to provide best maternity care. You can check out the normal delivery cost of hospitals in Nellikuzhi below for Private, Semi-Private rooms, with reviews and book with our pregnancy counselor for free.

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Q. My last visit to gynac was on 21 Feb is it ok to delay my visit more
Ans. Well totally depends on you health dear. As I have no idea about that. You can do one thing that you can talk to your doctor over the phone of you feel like that you are absolutely fine. And ask for the suggestion.  Meanwhile take good care of yourself but eating healthy food that is lots of veggies and fruits and less oily and spi y food. Try to be mobile that is you can perform your routine activities slowly . But remember in a limit and dont try to be tired a lot so that you can be full energetic all the time.
The best way is to do a little work and rest a lot and then repeat the cycle.

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Q. This day s iam soo sleepless
Ans. Talk to your doctor regarding this. Most of the females experience a lot of stress during this phase and due to the stress they fell sleeplessness. So first of all try to avoid any sort of stress and talk to your doctor to do the routine test and also monitor your BP regularly.


Q. My wife is of 24th week of pregnancy. All of sudden yesterday evening Onwards bleeding started from cervix.
I immediately rust to doctor and admitted in hospital now. Doctor suggested to take rest and use pads to stop bleeding.
What might be the problem ?
Please anyone help me out.
Ans. It might be due to leakage. Sometimes it happens due to exertion or the intercourse. This is some leakage occurs and then stops while in some cases the leakage continues and stops coming outside forming a hemangioma inside the womb which is a serious matter. So better to go for an ultrasound to come to any conclusion. Meanwhile take complete bed rest and try not to do any sort of exertion. And also stop taking any stress as stress is also not good for your health. Take cre of your nutrition as well dear. All the very best sweetheart. Hope for the best.

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