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Pregnancy Packages in Sector-11, Normal Delivery Packages, Cesarean Packages, Maternity Packages in Sector-11

Pregnancy Package rates in Sector-11 usually varies depending on the hospital finalised by you and your doctor for the final delivery. Booking Pregnancy Packages can help you plan the entire pregnancy better and also avail a lot more benefits than just paying during hospital admission or discharge. Maternity package rates usually include all the expenses related to your hospital delivery and in a few cases, then can even include discounts for lab tests, scans as well. If your Insurance policy is not covering Pregnancy delivery, then it's a smart decision to book your package and be rest assured on getting the best deal as well better care during pregnancy.

Typically, Pregnancy Package in Sector-11 may range from INR 35700/- to INR 63500/- for General Ward having required facilities. However, In case of Semi private and private room with more facilities, pregnancy delivery charges can start from INR 49600/- and can go upto INR 94700/-.

At Parentlane, you can book Pregnancy Packages at hospitals in Sector-11 of your choice and get many more benefits like 0% EMI options, free consultations as well. Talk to an expert now and get personal assistance.

Maternity Package Rates in Sector-11, PanchkulaPrice
Instrumental Delivery Package for General₹35700 - ₹63500
Instrumental Delivery Package for Semi Private Room₹38200 - ₹78200
Instrumental Delivery Package for Private Room₹41400 - ₹94700
Normal Delivery Package for General₹31300 - ₹59700
Normal Delivery Package for Semi Private Room₹33800 - ₹78700
Normal Delivery Package for Private Room₹36900 - ₹94700
C-Section Package for General₹43700 - ₹68600
C-Section Package for Semi Private Room₹47100 - ₹78700
C-Section Package for Private Room₹49600 - ₹94700

Updated On 01-07-2022

What is Covered in Pregnancy Care Package in Sector-11, Panchkula?

Parentlane Pregnancy Package Rates in Sector-11, Panchkula covers all the standard inclusions for the procedure like Surgeon fee, Anesthetic charges, Nursing, OT charges and others typically charged by the partner hospitals. The Package also includes many benefits to ensure better care and convenience for members who book the Package with Parentlane.

Inclusions from the Package

All Surgery Expenses
Doctor's fee
OT Charges
Anesthetic Charges
Drugs Used During Surgery
Investigations during Surgery
Professional Charges
Room Rent for Standard Stay
Nursing & administrative charges

Early Booking Special Offers in Sector-11, Panchkula

Free Consultations with Gynaecologists Online
Dedicated Pregnancy Health Coach
Unlimited Chat & Consult with Your Pregnancy Coach
Discount on Lab Tests at Home
Pregnancy Diet Charts and Classes
Fitness Analysis and Sessions by Specialist
Emotional Health Counselling Sessions
Newborn Baby Care Support
Breastfeeding Support by Lactation Specialist
Mother's Health and Get Back to Shape Support

Exclusions from the Package

  • Clinic Consultation Fees
  • Lab Tests or Scans
  • Any Additional Procedures
  • Non-Medical Expenses & Consumables
  • Mother & Baby Pharmacy Expenses
  • Additional Stay other than standard length
  • Professional fee for Specialist if Involved
  • ICU/NICU Stay if Utilised
  • Any Pre & Post operative Investigations
  • Blood units, Blood Products or Infusions if any
  • Emergency Charges if any
  • Epidural charges in case of delivery
  • Any extra treatment or tests for the baby
  • Family Planning Procedure if any
  • Instrumental Delivery
  • Non Medical Items (Ex-Bed Pan, Gloves, Gown, Mask, Cap)
  • Muhurtham or Any special request
  • Food for Patient Attendant

Why Book Your Pregnancy Care Package with Parentlane?

You get the best maternity package rates in Sector-11, Panchkula from Parentlane by comparing and booking with hospitals directly, as simple as booking a holiday package or a hotel room. Members can enjoy greater convenience of managing the entire pregnancy care from home, on-demand access to all pregnancy specialists, plan insurance and finance for the procedure with dedicated health counselors from Parentlane.

Compare Prices and Get Best Deals on Your Pregnancy Care package

Choose Hospitals of Your Choice. Get access to 5000+ Hospitals Network

Book Hospitals Preferred By Your Consulting Doctor

Experienced and Specialist Doctors

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Free Insurance Claim Support

Free Post Surgery Support

Pay During Admission Option Available

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Maternity Package Rates at Hospitals in Sector-11, Panchkula

Rates for Maternity packages at hospitals in Sector-11 varies based on the hospital facilities, consulting doctors, reviews, room type, NICU availability and many other factors. Maternity Packages from reputed corporate hospitals cost a premium compared to standalone hospitals and they do offer complete care required during pregnancy including nutrition, lactation, physiotherapy support which may be required to provide best maternity care. You can check out the maternity packages of hospitals in Sector-11 below for Private, Semi-Private rooms, with reviews and book with our pregnancy counselor for free.

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Q. How much water to drink in third trimester usually I drink 3 to 3.5 litre a day? Please tell me
Ans. You need to drink 3 litres in a day that is plain water only and other liquids in the form of tea, juices ,soups etc.. Yrs you are doing good job. Not only fluids you need to concentrate on your diet as well. First of all, for that you need to eat healthy that is lots of fruits and veggies and water in your diet.

 Secondly, you need to be mobile that is you need to perform all your daily activities slowly and steadily. Your body needs lots of fluids to recover as well so take in lots of water and other fluids so that your can recover fast.Yes you can go for it. And very light exercises won't affect the bm. Exercises as you can go for a walk  with your kiddo in a pram in a market or in a park but remember only with the suggestion of your doctor only.Above all, try to feel good yourself and give lots of love and care to your little sweetheart.


Q. Why aveino l tablet is given?
Ans. This tablet is used for low levels of caritine in blood. It is found in meat and dairy products. It helps the body to use certain chemicals for energy and to keep you in good health. Also take good care of yourself.First of all, for that you need to eat healthy that is lots of fruits and veggies and water in your diet.

 Secondly, you need to be mobile that is you need to perform all your daily activities slowly and steadily. Your body needs lots of fluids to recover as well so take in lots of water and other fluids so that your can recover fast. Above all, try to feel good yourself.


Q. Muje left chest k niche vshut dukhta he or gas bhi bahut jota he...mera 32 week prgnency chal rahi he...any suggetion
Ans. Hi Tejal,
Lying on the left side will help reduce acid reflux, avoid lying immediately after food, keep away spicy and oily foods, eat small meals at a time, 6-8 meals a day, avoid acidic foods, avoid tea or coffee more than once a day.

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