Banana and Yogurt Porridge

Banana and Yogurt Porridge

This recipe is exceptionally potent in iron and calcium content that aids in the development of teeth and bones. The sweet taste of this porridge, along with the goodness of banana, lends a great nutritional value to the recipe.

Ingredients to make Banana and Yogurt Porridge:

1/3 mashed banana, ¼ cup plain yogurt, 80 ml water/ milk/ formula, ¼ cup rolled oats

Steps to make Banana and Yogurt Porridge:

1. You can make this recipe on stove by boiling all the ingredients in a saucepan and stirring.

2. Let the contents cool and serve them.

3. For preparing the recipe in a microwave, let the oats and water/milk cook on high for a minute. Stir the mashed bananas and yogurt.

Serve the dish after it has cooled down.