Banana Raspberry mango sorbet

Banana Raspberry mango sorbet

Treat your summer to some fun delights with this zesty banana, raspberry and mango sorbet. Sweating it out on one of those hot steamy days? This recipe is the perfect soothing delight to relish on. Also, this sorbet is going to soothe those paining gums during the time to teething / teeth pain.

Ingredients: ½ banana, ½ mango, ½ cup raspberries


 1. Cut the mango into slices and wrap it in a cling sheet, to be frozen overnight. 

 2. Keep the raspberries in a zip lock bag and let them freeze overnight as well.

 3. Next morning, remove the fruits from the freezer and allow them to lose the chill for about 10 minutes.

 4. Add the fruits in a bowl and blend to a smooth puree. 

 5. You may remove the seeds of the raspberry through a sieve. 

  Savour the taste of this yummy sorbet!