Beetroot Apple Smoothie

Beetroot Apple Smoothie

Beetroot Apple Smoothie is an amazing homemade beverage full of essential nutrients. This recipe consists of beetroot, which is a good source of sodium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, iron, and dietary fiber. Moreover, apple enhances the nutritious value of the smoothie as it offers vitamin A and potassium.  

Ingredients to make Beetroot Apple Smoothie:  

½ beetroot, 2 small apples, 1 large pear, a piece of ginger

Steps to make Beetroot Apple Smoothie:

1. The first step is to rinse the beetroot and soak it in salted water for some time. 

2. Now, take off the skin of the apples and pear. Chop the fruits into small pieces. 

3. Take a blender jar and add all the ingredients. You can add a small piece of ginger if needed. 

4. Add a little amount of water while blending for making the recipe smooth. 

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