Carrot Brown Rice Kheer

Carrot Brown Rice Kheer

Carrot Brown Rice Kheer is a healthy dish that's yummy for the tummy too. Carrot contains fiber, vitamin, potassium, manganese and brown rice contains fat, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates. Here is the recipe!

Ingredients to make Carrot Brown Rice Kheer:

1 tbsp brown rice, ghee, carrot, 1 cardamom

Steps to make Carrot Brown Rice Kheer:

1. Take a cup of brown rice, wash it and dry roast it with one cardamom. Grind it in a mixer, to make it into a powder (small rava).

2. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker. Add chopped carrot cubes and a tbsp of brown rice powder.

3. Cook for 1 whistle. Then blend it in a mixer and serve.

Enjoy this nutritious dish today!