Cheesy Fish Pie

Cheesy Fish Pie
Main Course

Add a dash of variety to your meals with this creamy fish pie, which combines the goodness of several vegetables and the nutrients contained in them, to give a wholesome meal. The dish is prepared in over 1 hour but is worth the wait. 

Ingredients to make Cherry Fish Pie:

250 gram peeled and diced potato, 250-gram swede, peeled and diced, 300-gram cod fillet, 25-gram unsalted butter, 600 ml milk, 1 tsp. plain flour, 75 grams grated cheese, 50-gram broccoli florets

Steps to make Cherry Fish Pie:

1. Preheat oven. Let the potatoes and swede boil for 15 minutes and then mash them with milk.

2. Steam the fish in a pan. Similarly, steam the broccoli until it gets tender. 

3. Take a pan, melt the butter in it. Add some flour and milk, while stirring continuously. Add 2/3 of cheese. 

4. Flake the cooled down fish over a dish. Spoon some broccoli over it and layer with cheese sauce. 

5. Spoon some potato and swede mixture on top and sprinkle remaining cheese.

Heat in oven for another 20 minutes. The dish is ready to be served!