Easy And Healthy Home made Health Mix Recipe for Baby

Easy And Healthy Home made Health Mix Recipe for Baby
6m to 1y

Is your baby turning 6 months old? If yes then, homemade health mix for 6 months baby is a right recipe for your little one. Try this easy homemade health mix recipe for 6+ months baby at your home, and feed your baby a healthy mixture of pulses and nuts. It's not only tasty but also provides your baby with potassium, Vitamin C, and carbohydrates. 

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Ingredients to make Homemade Health Mix for 6-months-old Baby:

Boiled Rice-100 gm, Raw rice-100 gm, Bajra (kambu)-100 gm, Jowar-100 gm, Sago- 50 gm, Barley-100 gm, Wheat-200 gm, Ragi-200 gm, Corn (maize)-100 gm, Channa dhal-50 gm, Green gram-50 gm, Raw Horse gram-50 gm, Toor Dhal-50gm, Elachi-25 gm, White soya-100 gm, Badam-50 gm, Cashew nuts-50 gm.

Trivia: When can you actually start feeding Health Mix to your baby?

How to make Health Mix at Home:

1. Soak all the ingredients overnight except rice, channa dhal, sago, badam, cashew, barley, corn and elachi. Soak corn separately.

2. Next day, drain the water, tie all the ingredients in a muslin cloth for a whole day.

3. Dry all the ingredients in the sunlight.

4. After they are completely dried, roast all the ingredients including rice and channa dhal on a very low flame, till you get a good fried fragrant. Do not roast barley.

5. Powder all the ingredients with elachi and barley. 

6. Sieve the powder using siever to collect the scrap, now blend the collected scrap in blender and sieve. 

7. Repeat this process until you get very less or no scrap. 

8. Allow it to cool and store it in an airtight container.


1. You can make porridge by taking 2 tbsp. of homemade health mix in 1 cup of boiling water/milk. Mix more milk if required for desired consistency. Note: Mix with breastmilk for babies below 1 Year.

2. If your baby likes sweet flavors, sugar/jaggery can be added to the porridge.

3. You can also use dates syrup or raisins puree to give natural sweetness to the porridge.

4. Take any fruit like banana, chikoo, mango or apple and mix it with this paste.

There you go! You now have several recipes to feed yummy Homemade health mix for baby to your cute little munchkin.

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