Give Your Porridge A Twist

Give Your Porridge A Twist

Is your baby bored of the same porridge every day? Twist it around and give your baby a stomach-filling food, rich in starch, vitamin K, calcium and potassium. Sago is included in most babies’ first food and this magic ingredient can regulate your baby’s body temperature if it is high.

Ingredients: 1/4th cup sago or sabudana, 2 tbsp jaggery, 1 cup water, 1 cup milk, cardamom powder, dry fruits powder, 1 tbsp ghee, 2 spoons of blueberry/strawberry puree (Measuring cup: 250 ml)


1. Wash and soak sabudana overnight or at least 4-5 hours. 

2. Take a cup of water in a pot, add sabudana and bring it to boil. It should turn soft. 

3. Pour milk into a pot and cook, allowing it to thicken.Note: If baby is less than 12 months, add water instead of milk. If you have excess breastmilk, you can mix bm with the porridge just before feeding. Do not heat the breastmilk.

4. Add jaggery powder and ghee.

5. Add elaichi powder and stir. Keep stirring it so that it does not stick at the bottom.

6. Garnish with dry fruits powder. Give it a twist by adding blueberry or strawberry puree before serving it to your baby.

Fill your baby’s tummy with this appealing dish which is an instant energy provider.