Mixed Grains Porridge

Mixed Grains Porridge
6m to 1y

Most new moms face the dilemma of choosing the right recipe for their babies. Do not worry! This mixed grains recipe is just what your need for your baby. This porridge is made using mixed grain powder, which is a rich source of dietary fibre, selenium, manganese and folate. Here’s how you can make this porridge at home. 

Ingredients: 3-4 tbsp. mixed grains powder, 1-2 tbsp. ghee, 1 cup milk, grated jaggery


 1. In a non-stick kadhai heat the ghee. 

 2. Add the mixed grains jaggery and mix well with the ghee. 

 3. Add milk and stir well to avoid formation of lumps. Note: If baby is less than 12 months, add water instead of milk. If you have excess breastmilk, you can mix bm with the porridge just before feeding. Do not heat the breastmilk.

4. Just when the porridge is about to be done, add the jaggery and stir till it has dissolved completely in the porridge. 

 5. Turn off the heat and serve. 

This mixed grains porridge is highly nutritious and can be made easily. So go ahead and try it out today!