Nutrition Packed First Meal For Your Baby

Nutrition Packed First Meal For Your Baby

Your baby is now almost ready to take his first solid bite! Typically it can be anywhere between 4 to 6 months. If you plan to start before 6 months, take your pediatricians advice first. Below is a nutritious recipe for 4 to 8 month olds. Start with semi solid, puree like food. Cook a single type of food and wait for 3-4 days to start on a new food to see for any allergic reactions.

Ingredients: (Measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml). 1 cup brown rice, 4 cups water, 2 cups milk or breast milk


1. Wash brown rice and boil it in water. For 1 cup rice, take 4 cups water. You may pressure cook or boil it in an open sauce pan.

2. Once it is done, use a strainer to remove any lumps.

3. Add 2 cups of milk for 1 cup of rice and mix. Note: If baby is less than 12 months, add water instead of milk. If you have excess breastmilk, you can mix bm with the porridge just before feeding. Do not heat the breastmilk.

4. Ensure it is not too hot or cold while feeding.

5. You can freeze the rest in ice cube moulds and use it within a week’s time.

Brown rice is rich in carbohydrates, iron, fiber and calcium and milk will ease the baby’s transition to solids.