Pumpkin baked Bean and cheese mash

Pumpkin baked Bean and cheese mash

A pumpkin, baked bean, and cheese mash is a budget-friendly option and the best way to eat wholesome food. You can make this recipe with leftover pumpkin and basic ingredients at any time. As long none of the ingredients were previously frozen, you can freeze this recipe for future use. 

Ingredients: ½ cup diced pumpkin, ½ cup baked beans, 2 tsp. grated cheese


 1. For making this recipe on the stove, take a saucepan and place the pumpkins inside. Bring to boil and let simmer until properly cooked. Once cooked, drain the excess water and add the baked beans and grated cheese. Stir to allow the ingredients to mix properly. 

 2. For making it in the microwave, cover the pumpkin in cling wrap and place in a container. Cook for four minutes and then, mash together with bean and cheese. Serve when warm. 

Try this healthy breakfast choice!