Rava Porridge

Rava Porridge

Rava, or cream of wheat, is a cereal that is loaded with a truckload of health benefits. It’s wholesome, easy on the stomach, and filling too! Roast the rava and store it beforehand to make cooking easier.

Ingredients to make Rava Porridge:

Rava, clarified butter, filtered jaggery powder, milk

Steps to make Rava Porridge:  

1. Roast 1 tbsp of rava in ¼ tsp of clarified butter until it turns slightly brown.

2. Now add 1 tbsp of filtered jaggery powder to this.

3. Add warm milk and cook for 5-10 minutes. Note: If baby is less than 12 months, add water instead of milk. If you have excess breastmilk, you can mix bm with the porridge just before feeding. Do not heat the breastmilk.

4. Keep stirring occasionally.

Serve warm. You can also feel free to skip the jaggery if you don't want it.