Healthy Tomato Soup

Healthy Tomato Soup
6m to 1y

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C, A, carotenoids, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin K. They are extremely beneficial as they help in building stronger bones, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the risk of lead toxicity. You can cook a delicious tomato soup with this simple and easy recipe.

Ingredients to make Healthy Tomato Soup:

4 tomatoes, a pinch of salt, ½ tsp butter, ½ cup water

Steps to make Healthy Tomato Soup: 

1. Deseed and chop the tomatoes into big pieces. 

2. Heat water in a pan and throw in the tomatoes and let it boil. Place a lid on the pan. 

3. Remove the tomatoes and take off their peels. 

4. Puree the tomato in a blender. 

5. Heat butter in a pan and add the tomato puree to it. 

Yummy Tomato Soup is ready! Have it for complete nourishment and a delicious taste.