Yummy Fruity Twist -Papaya And Melon Swirl

Yummy Fruity Twist -Papaya And Melon Swirl

Every fruit contains vitamin, minerals, fiber therefore we include it in our daily diet. Papaya contains high amounts of vitamin-C, A , B –carotene, folic acid. It boosts up immunity and plays a vital role in metabolism. Melon is a source of vitamin A, minerals and B–carotene too.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup ripe papaya, 1/2 cup muskmelon, 2 tbsp baby formula, 1-2 tbsp water.


1. Wash and peel, muskmelon and papaya, chop it in cubes.

2. Take a blender put all fruits in it. Add 1 tbsp formula milk and water.

3. Blend it properly; you should get a thick batter consistency just like an ice cream. If it looks watery you can add 1 more tbsp formula milk powder in it.

4. Your yummy rich fruity swirl is ready to serve; dish up this swirl in a colorful bowl. Consume it at one go don’t keep it more than one hour. 

Note: If you like to enhance its nutritional value you can add 1 tbsp mixed dry nuts powder in it.