A Dessert Parfait With Yogurt

A Dessert Parfait With Yogurt

The goodness of yogurt with the crunchiness of granola bars makes this parfait the perfect dessert. And since it has yogurt’s goodness, you can use it for breakfast as well. It has much needed dose of calcium to give an energy boost!

To Make Dessert Parfait:

1. Place ¼ cup of granola in a serving glass. Add seasonal fruits to the mixture, plus ½ cup of sugar free yogurt. Make sure that the fruits are cut small so that they don’t appear as a distraction to the recipe.

2. Add a tablespoon of maple syrup. Use castor sugar or honey if the syrup is not available. Drizzle with syrup for sugar fun.

The layers with fruits, bright colors and tasty yogurt will entice kids! So, give it a shot.