After School Trail-Mix

After School Trail-Mix

There are numerous recipe ideas for small kids. But there are few interesting food items which are irresistible. The ingredients required are pretzel bites, cheddar-flavored-crackers, roasted peanuts, chocolate chips and dried fruits. The nutrient content in this recipe consists of protein and iron which are essential for the kid’s body.


1. The simple step is to add all the ingredients. Toss them well.

2. Store the mixture in an air-tight container.

The presence of dried fruits and chocolates would surely attract the little one. Kids do require a diet with is a combination of taste as well as nutritious items. This After School Trail-Mix can be offered to your child when he craves for something sweet during mid-meals. You can place this mixture into a transparent bowl so that the kid can observe this wonderful snack food. Try making this recipe today!