All-Time Iron Rich Crunchies

All-Time Iron Rich Crunchies

Bake this multi flour, crunchy snack to add iron in your diet and to increase haemoglobin levels.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp jowar flour, 2 tbsp bajra flour, 2 tbsp ragi, 1/3 cup whole wheat flour, ½ tsp sugar, 1 tbsp sesame seeds, ½ tsp fresh yeast, ½ tsp salt, 1tsp butter.


1. Combine jowar flour, bajra flour, ragi, whole wheat flour, sugar, sesame seeds, fresh yeast, and salt.

2. Knead into a soft dough using some warm water.

3. Add butter and keep kneading till the dough becomes elastic.

4. Cover with a damp cloth for 30 minutes or till the dough ferments and doubles in volume.

5. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts and roll them out into ¼ inch thickness.

6. Cut them into ¼ inch wide strips.

7. Place the strips in a greased tray and bake for 40 minutes at 140 degrees in a pre-heated oven.

Cool and store in an air-tight container.